Action Projects

What do Action Projects have to do with AQIP?
Action projects are the first step of continuous improvement with AQIP. The idea behind action projects is that organizations committed to continuous improvement should always be working on improvements in some areas. There are always three Action Projects going on at any one time; one of these must be in the area of Helping Students Learn.
Two projects were retired Fall 2008; these projects were Core Values on Campus (Valuing People) and Mapping and Streamlining Processes (Planning Continuous Improvement) Three projects were retired in Fall 2010; these projects were General Education Core Assessment (Helping Students Learn), Improving and Expanding Online Learning (Helping Students Learn), and Kaskaskia College Diversity Awareness Initiative (Valuing People).

The three current Action Projects are:
    Accrediting Online Degrees and Certificates (Phase II of Online Learning Action Project II) (Helping Students Learn)
    Enhancing the Quality Improvement Culture at Kaskaskia College (Planning Continuous Improvement)
    Kaskaskia College’s Adjunct Faculty Enrichment Program(Valuing People)
Further information about the status of these projects and the teams involved can be found below or by clicking on “Action Project Directory” at

What does AQIP have to do with the KC’s accreditation?
There are three interlinking cycles in AQIP. The ANNUAL cycle relates to the annual updates of the Action Projects and the Systems Portfolio. The FOUR-year cycle relates to the Systems Appraisal and Strategy Forum that follows it. Every four years, the Systems Portfolio is submitted for review. A team visits the campus for a Quality Checkup to ensure that the institution is focusing its efforts in the appropriate areas in preparation for reaccreditation. Every SEVEN years, the Higher Learning Commission evaluates the entire set of documentation for reaccreditation purposes.

Kaskaskia College is an Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) participating Institution of the Higher Learning Commission

Higher Learning Commission
A Commission of the North Central Association
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604-1411

Is the Systems Portfolio another Action Project?
No, the systems portfolio is not an action project. It is a large document (75-100 pages) addressing all nine categories of continuous improvement identified by AQIP (see below). The portfolio is a concise response to scripted questions provided by AQIP and used to document progress as a result of the action projects as well as all other areas of continuous improvement at an institution. It focuses on three areas of continuous improvement: processes, results, and improvements. In other words, we document HOW we do things, WHAT results we get (data), and WHY we make changes when things do not work as well as they should. KC’s first systems portfolio was submitted to AQIP at the Higher Learning Commission on June 1, 2009 and is available here on the KC AQIP website.

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