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2013 SkillsUSA National Competition

In June, eight Career and Technical Educational students competed nationally at the SkillsUSA Conference and Skill Competition held in Kansas City, MO. Several national recognitions along with one medal were earned.

The students earning the national recognitions include:

  • Cody Gill, Hoffman, 3rd place, in Criminal Justice and Skill Point certificate
  • Michael “Colton” White, Centralia, 4th place in Computer Programming and the Skill Point certificate
  • Kenneth Michael, Salem, 6th place in Computer Maintenance Technology
  • Brian Winnett, Salem, 8th place in Technical Computer Applications/Network Administration and the Skill Point certificate
  • The team of Kelsey Knott, and Brianna Holtz, 10th place in Nail Care
  • Jonathon Beavers,12th place in Cosmetology and the Skill Point certificate
  • Josh Sloat, recognition in Carpentry

2013 Illinois SkillsUSA Competition:

  • Chris Bieber, Sorento, Automotive Service Technology, 7th place,
  • William Bebatin, Pocahontas, Carpentry, 1st place (gold),
  • Josh Sloat, Centralia, Carpentry, 2nd place (silver),
  • Ken Michael, Salem, Computer Maintenance Technology, 1st place (gold),
  • Michael “Colton” White, Central City, Computer Programming, 1st place (gold),
  • Curtis DeSherlia, Vandalia, Computer Programming, 4th place (recognition),
  • Jonathon Beavers, Carlyle, Cosmetology, 1st place (gold),
  • Alicia Hanks, Central City, Cosmetology Model, 1st place (gold),
  • Cody Gill, Hoffman, Criminal Justice, 1st place (gold),
  • Ryan Wilkerson, Odin, Criminal Justice, 2nd place (silver),
  • Jonathan Stanton, Centralia, Culinary Arts, 3rd place (bronze),
  • Michael Smith, Nashville, Internetworking, 2nd place (silver),
  • Joseph Watson, Salem, Internetworking, 3rd place (bronze),
  • Kelsey Knott, Carlyle, Nail Care, 1st place (gold),
  • Erica Dumstorff, Breese, Nail Care, 2nd place (silver),
  • Brianna Holtz, Breese, Nail Care Model, 1st place (gold),
  • Taylor Kauhl, Highland, Nail Care Model, 2nd place (silver),
  • Brian Winnett, Salem, Technical Computer Applications, 1st place (gold),
  • Pietro Alfano, Salem, Technical Computer Applications, 4th place (recognition),
  • Rebecca Suydam, Carlyle, Web Design, 6th place (recognition),
  • Gary Schultz, Nashville, Web Design, 6th place (recognition),
  • David Gill, Nashville, Welding, 6th place (recognition),
  • James Schulze, St. Elmo, Welding, 8th place

2012 SkillsUSA National Competition:

  • John (JR) Stanton of Greenville, 1st place, gold medal in Collision Repair Technology
  • Megan Jeffers of Steelville and Amara Hartnagel of Pocahontas, earned 2nd place, silver medal in Nail Care,
  • Megan and Amara also earned the Skill Point certificate recognizing the value of SkillsUSA Work Force Ready System
  • Derek Lercher of Trenton earned 4th place in Criminal Justice
  • James Toth of Carlyle, earned 6th place in Internetworking
  • Kenneth Michael of Salem, earned recognition in Computer Maintenance Technology,
  • Anna Forth of Xenia, earned recognition in Cosmetology
  • Anna also earned the Skill Point certificate recognizing the value of SkillsUSA Work Force Ready System
  • Chris Kreke of Germantown, earned recognition in Carpentry
  • Chris also earned the Skill Point certificate recognizing the value of SkillsUSA Work Force Ready System

2011 SkillsUSA National Competition: 

2011 SkillsUSA National Competition

Please help me congratulate the following students who recently competed in the SkillsUSA National Competition. They did outstanding!!!

Six students from Kaskaskia College, Chris Kreke (Carpentry), Leamber Broady (Nail Care), Jeri Kaye (Nail Care Model), John Stanton (Collision Repair Technology), Tyler Rose (Criminal Justice), and Alex Boozer (Computer Maintenance Technology) were in Kansas City, Missouri, the week of June 20 through June 25, 2011 as competitors at the 47th National Leadership and Skills Conference sponsored by SkillsUSA. These six students earned the right to compete when they won first place at the Illinois SkillsUSA Championships this spring in Springfield, IL. They were accompanied by their advisors, Kelli Malone (Nail Care), Danny Mays (Collision Repair), Pete Donnelly (Carpentry), Angenien Huffstutler (Computer Maintenance), and Jon Boehning (Advisor).

Tyler Rose placed 2th nationally in the Post-Secondary Criminal Justice competition. John Stanton placed 2nd nationally in the Post-Secondary Collision Repair Technology competition. Alex Boozer placed 4th nationally in the Post-Secondary Computer Maintenance Technology competition. Leamber Broady and Jeri Kaye Turner placed 9th nationally in the Post-Secondary Nail Care competition. Chris Kreke placed 21st nationally in the Post-Secondary Carpentry competition.


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