Registration Policies/Procedures

Registration information is published in the College Catalog or you may contact the Admissions and Registration Office for more information. Registration begins on the following dates:

Summer 2018 & Fall 2018 Registration
  • Online – March 12th
  • In Person – March 19th

Spring 2019 Registration

  • Online October 15
  • In Person October 22


    During registration, students have the option of being added to a waitlist if there are no longer openings available in the class section of their choice, and they have not registered in any other section of that course.

    As openings occur in a waitlisted class, students are moved from the waitlist and registered in the class in the order in which they were put on the waitlist. Students are informed of their registration in the waitlisted class by mail and provided with a copy of their revised schedule.

    All waitlists are cleared during the week before classes begin. Students on the cleared waitlists are advised of the waitlist closing by e-mail to their KC Student E-mail. After the waitlists are cleared students will be registered in classes on a first-come-first-served basis should openings occur.

    While it should be noted that being on a waitlist neither guarantees registration in the class nor that a new section will be made available for the same time, day, or instructor, students are encouraged to join a waitlist for classes in the following situations:

  • The student definitely wants/needs this particular class this term
  • The student has met the prerequisites for the class
  • The student is willing to change their class schedule, if necessary, to accommodate this class
  • The student's personal schedule can be rearranged on short notice
  • The student is eligible for registration (There are no "holds" on the student account)

The student has the following responsibilities in every waitlist situation:

  • To monitor their waitlist status on CAMPUSNET
  • To contact the Admissions Office to be removed from waitlisted classes, when appropriate
  • To pay all tuition and fees incurred when enrolled in the class for which they are waitlisted
  • To provide current telephone, email, and mailing address information
  • To advise the Financial Aid Office of schedule changes that affect their Financial Aid status

Students may add and drop classes online up to the start date of the course. Students are only officially registered for those courses appearing on their official class schedule. Changes to class schedules can be made by adding and dropping classes after initial registration either online or in person on the main campus or at any education center, or by emailing

Seven Steps to Enrollment:
1. Apply for Admissions
2. Apply for Financial Aid
3. Testing & Assessment (COMPASS)
4. Academic Advising
5. Registration
6. Tuition Payments
7. New Student Orientation
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