Student Testimonials

Resolutions of Support

Kaskaskia College thanks those who have shown their support for the expansion of higher education opportunities in Clinton County by passing resolutions of support for the College's new Education Center in Trenton.

School Districts:
Albers Board of Education
Damiansville Board of Education
Germantown Elementary Board of Education
New Baden Parent/Teacher Organization
St. Rose Board of Education
Trenton Parent/Teacher Organization
Wesclin School District 3

Clinton County Board
City of Carlyle
City of Trenton
Village of Beckemeyer
Village of Germantown
Village of New Baden

Service Clubs & Organizations:
Aviston American Legion Post 1239
Germantown Trust & Savings
New Baden American Legion Auxiliary
Sons of American Legion
Southern Illinois Growth Alliance
Trenton Women's Club

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“My experience at the KC Trenton Center has been great. It is close to home and offers the classes I need to take.”
- Chrishna Schultz

“I am taking the First Aid class for my job next year at Sandoval High School. The people here are friendly and helpful.”
- Tysen Moose

“I think that the Trenton Education Center is absolutely wonderful. I think all the people who work here and especially the teachers are very personal and helpful. I have transferred from SWIC to KC because KC is so much more personalized. The location is also very convenient for students who do not live close to Centralia. My Math101 class this summer I am taking from last semester and thanks to the teacher I am doing well and learning so much more! “
- Whitney Parker

“My experience at the Trenton Center has been wonderful. The instructors are friendly and dedicated to the students. I will return for additional classes, and plan to take as many classes at the center as I can. This center is convenient for me to attend because I live here in town. I am excited about the expansion to the Trenton Center so that I will be able to take more of my classes in town. The more classes that are available at this center, the more gas I will save not driving to the main campus.”
- Jennifer Kahle

“I decided to take summer classes here because they were cheaper and close than other colleges. I took summer classes because I want to finish my degree in four years. I enjoyed my experience at the Trenton Education Center. The classes have been informative but easily grasped. The classes here have been much less stressful than classes during a regular semester.”
- Chris Streetman

“The summer 2012 semester was the first time I have taken class at the Trenton Center. It has made my travel and childcare easier for me to afford; therefore, enabling to receive a higher education. I like the ease of the Center. I have scheduled classes for the next semester.”
- Meghan Thole

“I’ve had a very good experience here. All the people are very friendly and always willing to help when you need it. I would definitely recommend other people to come here and I plan on coming back to take other summer classes.”
- Nicole Koentz

I am so happy to receive computer knowledge, as I am a senor and have not had the opportunity to learn it until now. Somehow it is not like learning other things and our teacher has been very patient with us. It is a good feeling to be able to talk to our grandkids about the computer. Thank you KC for allowing us to learn at our own pace.
- Ceil Markus

“It has been a great experience so far. I have taken several classes here at the Trenton Center. I plan to continue taking classes until I have completed all prerequisites for the Nursing program. So far, great job!!”
- Lateshia Wilson

“My experience at the Trenton Education Center was very good. This place is relatively close to my house which is good. Yes, I plan to return to take additional classes here because my first experience here was good.”
- Lydia Rehkemper

It will be nice not to have to drive to the main campus. It’s so easy to drive 4 miles to school and it saves money in gas. I like the staff also. Arlene is very nice and always helping. I am excited to be able to get most of my degree done at the center.
- Kristie Parker

I am going to be a freshman at McKendree this fall. I am taking a biology class in order to earn a few more college credits. I enjoy taking this class here because it is convenient and close to home. Although I will not be attending KC in the fall, I plan to take another class or two next summer. I look forward to the new Education Center!
- Lauren Haukapp

I like that I can take summer classes here rather than driving to the main campus. I plan to continue to take classes during the summer at the center because it is convenient and a great way to finish college early.
- Kortney Webb