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Black Student Association

Membership Application

What Is BSA?

The Black Student Association (BSA) is a student-oriented, minority organization in which all currently enrolled students, regardless of their age, race, or ethnic origin, at Kaskaskia College are welcome to join as student members.  BSA is also open to any staff member associated with Kaskaskia College.


BSA’s mission is to assist students, regardless of their ethnic origin, to discover, define, explore, and demonstrate their destiny at their college and in their community through student-oriented cultural activities and community services.

“How Can I Join?”

 Contact the club sponsor, Robert Rhymes, at 545-3311 his email is below


Complete the online membership registration.  The club sponsor will contact you by email upon verification of your enrollment at Kaskaskia College.


Attend one of the scheduled meetings and complete a membership registration. 

“My classes are not at the main campus.  Can I still be a member of BSA?”

Yes, you can.  Most of our fund raising and community activities will be scheduled during the evening or on weekends.  All BSA members are required to participate in all scheduled activities.  If a member is not able to participate in a scheduled activity, they must provide written notification to the club sponsor prior to the event.

“I’m a very creative person and really enjoy working in my community.  I have some ideas that are relevant to BSA.  Will BSA consider my suggestions?”

Of course, BSA is a student-oriented organization. Members are encouraged to submit activity proposals that they would like to be reviewed for implementation by BSA.  The club sponsor serve as a facilitator of the organization.  The members of BSA implement all organizations activities upon a majority vote of approval.

“If I have any other questions about BSA, who do I contact?”

Contact the club sponsor, Robert Rhymes, at 618-545-3311 or at

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