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Occupational Therapy Assistant
Associate in Applied Science


The practice of occupational therapy utilizes the therapeutic use of purposeful and meaningful occupations in treatment, as well as focusing on these occupations as the goal of treatment. OT intervention may include: restoration of performance abilities; instruction in compensatory techniques; adaptation of tasks, processes, or environments; disability prevention techniques; design, fabrication and use of Assistive technology and/or orthotic devices; and health and wellness promotion strategies. Occupational therapy assistants, under the supervision of an occupational therapist, will work directly with persons to achieve a maximum level of independent living by developing the capacities that remain after disease, accident, or other disability.

The Occupational Therapy Assistant is an integral part of the rehabilitation team focused on providing optimum patient care. Occupational therapy assistants, supervised by occupational therapists, possess the technical skills to provide services to individuals of all ages who have physical, psychological, or developmental disabilities; which may include but are not limited to those suffering from strokes, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, serious burns, spinal cord injuries, and psychiatric disorders. Occupational therapy serves a diverse population in a variety of settings such as hospitals and clinics, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, extended care facilities, sheltered workshops, schools and camps, private homes, and community agencies.

ACOTE’s Disclosure Statement regarding Probationary Accreditation Action: The occupational therapy assistant program at Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market, Herrin, Illinois, was placed on Probationary Accreditation effective April 1, 2017 for failure to document significant progress toward correction of an area of noncompliance related to 2011 OTA Standards A.5.1. (program’s strategic plan).

The program has been requested to submit a Progress Report to return the program to full compliance with the Standards within the mandated time period for correction.


Must be completed with 18 months of academic coursework.

* Note: This is a SICCM sponsored program. The majority of the courses will be in Herrin at the SICCM location. The general education courses are at the KC campus. Kaskaskia College will be the degree granter for this program.
Students must maintain a "C" or better in all classes

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