Jodie Baty Offers Massage Therapy and Healthy Eating Classes at KC Salem Education Center

Jodie Baty, LMT, CHT, CRFC, CIME, offers massage therapy from the Kaskaskia College Salem Education Center, where she occupies one of the Small Business Incubator offices.  She has also recently began conducting classes on healthy eating habits at the Center. 


Jodie has ten years’ experience in the medical massage field, and offers a full range of massage therapies and modalities.  She is also a Certified RAW Chef and Healthy Living Educator, and offers affordable classes on a wide range of healthy eating topics.


Jodie occupies one of the three Small Business Incubator offices at the Salem Education Center, and similar offices are installed at Kaskaskia College’s other Education Centers in Greenville and Trenton.  These offices are regulated by the Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC), with the purpose of helping small startup businesses succeed.  Typically, the office is leased for three years before the occupants move out into their own spaces.


“Jodie has been a perfect fit for the Small Business Incubator,” said Riley Barker, Business Specialist for the SBDC at KC.  “Along with getting her business established in the Salem Center, we have been able to help her with Quickbooks accounting software and setting up her website.”  Barker said that the SBDC at Kaskaskia College has also been successful in helping businesses receive funding through its relationship with area banks and the rigorous business models the clients must have to participate.


Occupying a Small Business Incubator office at the Salem Education Center has offered Jodie opportunities to grow her business.  “They supply a phone, a computer, and so many other amenities that you wouldn’t get in another venue,” Jodie said.  “Plus everyone here is super friendly and helpful.  Janice [Eischens, Director of the Salem Center] and her staff have done everything possible to help.”  Businesses in the offices also have access to conference rooms and larger meeting spaces.  Jodie uses a classroom at the Center to conduct her classes.


The first in her series of “Organic Food Prep & Education Classes” is “Redo Your Organic Pantry on a Budget.”  For this class, Jodie brought in a wide range of organic products, and discussed their uses and where she shops for them locally.  She prepared a sampler of recipes she called “Not-so-cheese,” made with no dairy products, and chocolate bars made with raw cacao rather than milk chocolate.  She also shared a wealth of information on the benefits of a Raw diet, which is free of dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten, and animal proteins.  These include regulating diabetes, IBS problems, losing weight, reducing the risk of heart disease, fighting cancer, and satisfying picky eaters.


Jodie plans to repeat the first class on May 1 at 6:00 p.m. at the Salem Center, located at 1475 West Whitaker in Salem.  The cost for the class is only $5.00, and walk-ins are welcome.  Other classes Jodie plans to conduct include:  “Juicing 101, raw veggies and fruits,” Raw healthy breakfast on the go,”  “Raw desserts with no dairy or gluten,”  “Food combining 101,”  “Sprouting and soaking,”  “Making raw milks,”  “Label reading to guard against GMO,”  “Let’s go shopping,”  “Dining out in style,”  “Theme nights, including Mexican and Italian,”  “Cleanses,”  and “Super foods.”


Jodie is a very friendly, energetic, and knowledgeable person.  To contact her for her Massage Therapy services, food classes, or other information, please call 618-545-3426 or 815-674-1052.  You may also contact the Salem Center at 618-545-3425, or the SBDC at KC at 618-545-3262.



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