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KC Vandalia Campus Student Ashley Nichole Bauer Credits KC with a Hopeful Future

Ashley Nichole Bauer, has already received an Associate in Arts degree from KC, she continues to take classes in order to finish her prerequisite classes for her next college adventure!

Although Kaskaskia College student Ashley Nichole Bauer, has already received an Associate in Arts degree from KC, she continues to take classes in order to finish her prerequisite classes for her next college adventure!Although Kaskaskia College student

 Her current plans are to obtain the Small Business Accounting Certificate and possibly an Associate in Science Degree.  “I plan on taking a year off and then return to college to attend Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in the fall of 2019”, says Bauer. 

 Ashley resides in Vandalia and is a 2016 graduate of Vandalia Community High School.  She is currently a student worker at the Vandalia Campus and a member of the TRiO Program. 


Ashley agrees that KC has been a big help to her.  “KC has helped me in so many ways. When I was a freshman in high school, I started taking Jump Start classes. I enjoyed the more difficult college classes and in combination with my high school classes they provided me with the structure I needed at a very difficult point in my life. My parents appreciated the discounted tuition for sure”.


While in high school, she also enrolled in several dual credit classes. “I took all the dual credit courses I could, including advanced biology, chemistry II, physics, anatomy and physiology, speech, early childhood education, more.  I loved getting a literal "jump start" on my college education by racking up credit hours before graduating high school. Once graduated, I was fortunate enough to receive a Board of Trustees Scholarship at Kaskaskia College. The free tuition scholarship allowed me take the classes I needed for a degree, knocking two years off the cost of a bachelor's degree”.


She admits that the opportunities are great when attending Kaskaskia College.  “I'm so thankful that there are classes offered at education centers and online classes. Education Centers are close to home, ensuring that I will not have to drive more than 10 minutes to get to class. These opportunities have allowed me to get a college education while being able to work and save money for my future education. I did not have to stop my life in order to obtain an education. I would highly recommend KC because of the affordability as well the convenience. 


When asked about specific people at KC who made a difference in her life, Ashley names several including Mary Schulze, the Director of the Vandalia Campus.  “Mrs. Schulze has been a mentor to me for almost five years now. She assisted me with the Jump Start classes and has always encouraged me to take college classes. She continued to encourage me while I was taking Jump Start classes, and praising the fact that I was committed to education at a young age. After graduating high school, I was assigned an internship for my scholarship under Mary Schulze. She welcomed me and towards the end of my first year of school asked if I wanted to become a student worker. I thought on it for a while, and ultimately decided to give a shot. I can honestly say that being a student worker here has been a gift of an experience. In addition, Mrs. Schulze has encouraged me to do positive things outside of my comfort zone and has allowed me to develop communication skills in the form of public speaking and telephone conversations, both of which were huge fears of mine”.


Ashley says that another individual who has helped her along the way is Wendy Blythe, who has her academic advisor for the past few years.  “I’ve known Wendy on a personal level, and she is a fantastic person. She has always been there for me since I was little. I grew up with her daughter, and she has always supported me and encouraged me to pursue an education. She always helps me with finding the classes I need to achieve my educational goal. She also took the time out to check on everything I have/need for various degrees and certificates”. 


As a member of TRiO, Ashley has also become friends with Advisor Yvette Glasgow.  “Yvette has been a key player in my education planning. She is my TRiO adviser and is wonderful! She has really helped me with the process of getting ready to transfer to SIUE as well as with my last couple semesters of classes”.   Ashley says that “TRiO works”.


KC admission personnel, Micki Adams and Staci Palm, has also made an impact on Ashley’s life.  “These two ladies are absolutely wonderful! They fill in for Mary at the Vandalia Center. They are both wonderful to interact with and have helped me with a few different things at KC and in my personal life”. 

Ashley says her plans for the future are pretty simple. “I am taking a year off starting in the fall of 2018. I plan to work as much as I can to save up money and then plan to enroll in the College of Business at SIUE in the fall of 2019 with a major in Accounting. After receiving my bachelor's degree in Accounting, I will hopefully become a CPA. At that point, I will be looking for work and hope to find a job in the accounting field that I can look forward to every morning”. 

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