Student Testimonials

Resolutions of Support

Kaskaskia College thanks those who have shown their support for the expansion of higher education opportunities in Washington County by passing resolutions of support for the College's new Education Center in Nashville.

Hoyleton Elementary #29
Nashville Elementary #49
Nashville High School #99
Oakdale Elementary #1
West Washington CUSD #10

Amanda Stern of Ashley has been taking classes at the Nashville Center for the past several semesters, "the Nashville Center is not too far from my house and the staff is friendly and very helpful. Taking the classes at the KC Nashville Center has saved me a lot of gas money and the staff makes me feel so welcome. Their encouragement gives me confidence in completing my Associates. I would love to see a new, permanent facility located in Washington County. I recommend anyone to take classes at the Nashville Center and it is exciting to hear that a new facility will be available soon. The KC Nashville Center is a great place to take classes."

Jesse Higgerson is from Pinckneyville, but lives now in Nashville. He is a Combat Medic for the Illinois National Guard, completed a tour in Afghanistan as a head medic on a Police Mentor Team. Jesse said "I am now taking prerequisites toward the Nursing Program and decided to take classes at the KC Nashville Center for my convenience since I live in Nashville. This not only saves me gas money but also study time. In talking with fellow students, they have all indicated a permanent facility more suitable is definitely needed. The current building is too small, larger rooms with more acoustically sound walls would certainly be an enhancement. All classmates I spoke with support the expansion being planned. They are encouraged that this expansion will soon be a reality."

Tasha Holt is from Nashville. "As a single mother, I am interested in being a role model for my daughter and education will give me the opportunity of a more financially sound future,” said Holt. “In my current job, which I enjoy, I have met many people that have indicated that completing my education will open doors for me. I need and want this for my family. I have been taking classes at the Nashville Center because it is so convenient and with working and my child, time is a premium. I am thrilled to hear that there will be a permanent facility in Washington County.”

“We cannot say enough about the training and education we received at Kaskaskia College. Not only did we learn cosmetology skills, but also how to treat and respond to our customers. KC gave us a great foundation to succeed. We know students who will use the Kaskaskia College Nashville Education Center will also receive those important skills, and so much more.” - Angie (Harre) Schmale, Mandi (Kinder) Povolish and Katie (Kesel) Kinder