I Went to Kaskaskia College, where I studied music theory, aural skills, music history and some generals. I Graduated in spring of 2008 with an Associates in Arts. I successfully transferred into the SIUC School of Music in the fall of 2008. I received a Bachelor's degree in Music Theory and Composition and I am currently in graduate school. In the future, I intend to teach music theory at the college level.

My Kaskaskia College experience: I began my music studies at Kaskaskia College and feel that the real advantage of a community college is the more one on one attention that I received. My four semesters of music theory were not always easy, but Mr. Jourdan would often meet with me during his office hours and even met with me over an entire summer to work on a one on one basis. These extra meeting times were essential to helping me over come difficulties that I faced while studying music theory. Before attending Kaskaskia College I had no experience playing with an ensemble. Mr. Jourdan suggested that I join the Jazz and concert band, which I did. I played guitar in the Jazz band and percussion in the concert band. Having never played percussion or Jazz guitar before this time, I feel that the Kaskaskia bands were a great experience. I learned a lot about playing with ensembles, timing and different musical styles. The other musicians were very helpful and worked with me to help me become a better musician. Playing percussion helped me to better understand rhythms, and playing Jazz guitar taught me to become a better sight reader and to explore new techniques and chords. The KC Music Program is very strong and I would strongly recommend it to any student interested in studying music.

Brent Grapperhaus, Nashville, IL - Kaskaskia College Graduate

I began my first semester at KC majoring in business with a minor in music. I thought it was a great choice, but I soon realized I hated my business classes. My music classes were a different story. Despite the fact that music theory was harder than any class I had ever taken, I became eager to learn more and did not mind the extra effort I had to put into the class, because I loved it. I was afraid though that I would be behind the other music students when I transferred to a larger university. The music professors at KC know the standards you have to meet to be able to transfer to a university and be up to speed with the other students in your class. They took the time to sit down with me one-on-one and lay out exactly what grades and skills I would need in order to transfer. When I transferred to Southeast Missouri State University, the professors at SEMO were all really happy with how prepared I was, because having a student come to a university in their third year of school can be a tricky transition. I came to SEMO just wanting to be able to keep up with everyone else, but I ended up exceeding my expectations and held a 4.0 GPA in my department while being in the two top choirs. I completely owe my doing this to the extra time and effort the music department at KC gave me in my two years here to make sure I would leave the college ready for what was to come.

Vikki Siddell, Carlyle, IL - Kaskaskia College Graduate

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