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Sports & Wellness Complex

The purpose of the Kaskaskia College Sports and Wellness Complex Campaign is to provide the students and citizens within Kaskaskia College's District with a high quality recreational facility that will provide new and diverse recreational opportunities for residents within District 501.

Introduction to the Campaign
Kaskaskia College is dedicated to ensuring the citizens of District # 501 a collegiate presentation of its buildings and grounds as well as providing outstanding athletic, student and instructional programs. Additionally, a major initiative is to provide a comprehensive Wellness Program for students, faculty, staff and the community. The College is committed to providing facilities that are functional and attractive to potential students and offer the best opportunity for success. Providing competitive facilities is key to recruiting the best student-athletes to be part of the College’s intercollegiate athletic program. Instructional programs will also benefit from this complex, including physical education and wellness classes for both credit and non-credit offerings. This complex will provide enhanced recruitment opportunities through camps for children and teens. It will ultimately be a tremendous asset within the College District by offering public and private recreational events, thereby providing a quality complex for many groups. In May of 2005, the Board of Trustees of Kaskaskia College passed a resolution in support of the Sports & Wellness Complex. The College made an initial financial commitment of $1.8 million dollars for construction of Phase I of the complex which includes a concession and restroom area, new softball field, renovated baseball field, spectator seating, press boxes, accessible parking and a lighted commons area. The Completion of the project will be funded through a major gifts campaign under Phase II. The second phase will seek $2.2 million in private funds from supporters and friends of Kaskaskia College. To name just a few of the initial gifts, the Kaskaskia College Sports Association has pledged $100,000 toward this goal. Additionally, an in-kind pledge of $20,000 has been received as well as a $25,000 pledge for honoring former coaches. The support for this project continues to grow daily as the campaign progresses.

Project Description
Building Completion- $1.3 million
To better accommodate the baseball and softball programs and provide space for wellness programs, a 7300 sq. ft. addition to the current concession/restroom area is proposed. This addition will include space for locker rooms, instructional area, and indoor hitting facility. The hitting area could also be used for practicing golf skills, fitness classes and sports camps.

Field Lighting- $250,000
Field lighting will be installed on the baseball and softball fields. The College will expand the use of these athletic fields to include evening collegiate games, skills clinics, tournaments, league and community use.

Tennis Courts- $250,000
The KC Athletic Department is reestablishing the tennis program. To compete at the collegiate level, quality tennis courts are needed. It is anticipated that four, lighted tennis courts will be required to adequately meet the needs of a tennis program. The courts will also be utilized for physical education and intramural programs as well as be available for community use.

Soccer Field- $100,000
KC women’s and men’s soccer clubs will be established with the goal of transitioning into intercollegiate programs. A regulation soccer field will be needed to facilitate these programs.

Fitness Trail- $250,000
Faculty, staff, students and community members will greatly benefit from a fitness trail. The trail will circle around the wooded area on the south edge of the campus and will be 7/10 of a mile in length. Both credit and non-credit classes will be offered to promote fitness and wellness. In addition, the trail will be open to the public for year-round use.

We ask that you support us in or efforts to bring this state of the art facility to the Kaskaskia College Campus.

Giving Opportunities
Director's Level - $100-249
Dean's Level - $250-499
President’s Level - $500-999
Associate's Level - $1,000-2,499
Bachelor's Level - $2,500-4,999
Master's Level - $5,000-9,999
Doctorate Level - $10,000-24,999
Cum Laude Level - $25,000-49,999
Magna Cum Laude Level - $50,000-99,999
Summa Cum Laude Level - $100,000+

Naming Opportunities
Wellness & Recreation Complex - $1 million or more
Women’s Softball Field - $300,000 or more
Hitting & Training Facility - $300,000 or more
Tennis Courts - $250,000 or more
Fitness Track - $250,000 or more
Concession Building - $250,000 or more
Field Lights - $250,000 or more
Classroom/Conference Area - $100,000 or more
Locker Rooms - $100,000 or more
Soccer Field - $100,000 or more
Coaches Rooms - $25,000 or more

Kaskaskia College Sports and Wellness Brick Paving Campaign
Kaskaskia College is engaged in a campaign to expand and enhance the athletic and wellness opportunities of its students and its community through the KC Sports and Wellness Complex located in front of the campus. The College is committed to providing facilities that are functional and attractive to potential students and offer the best opportunity for success. Funds raised through the brick campaign will help pay for baseball/softball hitting facility, dressing/locker rooms, lighting for the baseball and softball fields, new tennis courts, a intercollegiate soccer field and a fitness trail. The bricks will be laid out at the concession building located at the baseball and softball complex.

The brick paving campaign is a wonderful opportunity to honor the memory of a loved one or pay tribute to a special person. Personalized bricks also make great gifts for students, family members, or friends. Below is a listing of the opportunities offered through this campaign. If you wish to be part of this wonderful opportunity. Cathy Karrick, Director of Public Information, Kaskaskia College 27210 College Road Centralia, Illinois 62801

4 x 8 Brick - $150 donation, each brick allows 3 lines of imprint with 12-13 characters per line.
8 x 8 Brick - $300 donation, each brick allows 6 lines of imprint.
12 x 12 Granite (available in grey or black) - $700 donation.
16 x 16 wall in Granite (available in grey or black) - $1,500 donation.
Bench in grey or black granite - $5,000 donation.

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