Math 143 Beginning Directions


Access to the course

You will be granted access to the course two weeks prior to the official start date.  This will allow you to get an early start familiarizing yourself with the syllabi and navigation throughout the site.

Logging on to WebCT

At the Kaskaskia College WebCT Login page enter your KC student ID number (leave off any zeros at the beginning of your number) as your WebCT ID. This number can be found on your course schedule. Then enter your birthdate (mmddyyyy) for your password. Click the “Log in” button. The next page will contain links to all your KC WebCT classes.

For help with online access problems, please email to The online support staff will be monitoring this address and replying to students needs. Or call 618/545/3240.

You will also need to go to the KC bookstore to purchase the text book for this course.  You can call the bookstore to have it sent to you under special circumstances.  The text is as follows:

Finite Mathematics
By Waner Constenoble
3rd Edition

I have also had a student solutions manual bundled with the text to help on checking your homework problems.

Once you are in the course go to the Syllabus and Master Schedule to begin.  Initial instructions for this course are under the Welcome link on the home page. If you would like me to help you get started, or you have problems, please email me at