Employee Directory

Micki Adams Admissions/Registration545-3046HB-128
Suzanne Arndt Financial Accounting545-3232AD-109
Stacy Arning Information Tech Systems545-3204ST-135
Donald Bade Security545-3199HB-101
Laura Baker Help Desk545-3209ST-135
Ruth Barczewski Education Centers545-3486Nashville
Lisa Barrow Nursing545-3371N-113
Joe Basch Soccer545-3175ST-143
Susan Batchelor VP Student Services545-3033HB-113
Lawrence Bedard Building & Grounds VA-161
Deana Belcher Safety and Security545-3198HB-142
Wendy Blythe Career Services / AmeriCorps545-3073HB-140
Jamie Boatright Adm Asst VP of Instr Srv545-3016AD-210
Rita Bodem Nursing545-3333N-111
Cheryl Boehne Admissions/Records545-3184HB-112
Rhonda Boehne Legal Services & Risk Management545-3022AD-224
Monecia Boozer Financial Aid545-3085HB-147
Linda Borowiak Academic Advising Nashville
Lisa Bowman VP Student Services545-3034HB-113a
Bill Broda Paraprofessional Educator545-3167L-109
Jason Brown On Line Support545-3240L-114
Chris Browne Cosmetology545-3386PC-148
Sam Bundy Dev, Prep, Or Basic Skills545-3159L-105a
Caitlin Burroughs Accounts Receivable545-3054HB-122
Derek Burwell Paramedicine545-3431N-118
Brian Cambron Biology545-3304AD-117
Jennings Carter Maintenance545-3143VA-161
Ron Casseday Maintenance545-3141ST-148
Jason Cavaletto Buildings and Grounds545-3144FA-119
Suzanne Christ Institutional Advancement545-3069LC-101
Deborah Clark AELS545-3112HB-228
Jordan Coffey Admissions/Registration545-3174HB-105
Terry Combs Community Education545-3446Vandalia
Kathy Crain Information Technology Help Desk545-3193ST-135
Scott Crothers Philosophy545-3176HB-225
Victoria Crowell Softball545-3326ST-141
Dean Daum Tractor/Trailer Driver Train545-3310Crisp
Jerri Davenport Education Centers545-3466Greenville
Charles DeBernardi Automotive Technology545-3369ST-142
Pamela DeBernardi Cosmetology545-3322PC-148
Denise Derrick Admissions/Records545-3070L-109
Peter Donnelly Carpentry Occupations545-3407Crisp
Steven Donoho Safety and Security545-3199HB-101
Jeffrey Ebel Research and Planning545-3171AD-206
Aggie Edwards Research and Planning545-3172AD-207
Janice Eischens Education Centers545-3428Salem
Christena Elliott Mathematics545-3357ST-103
Sharon Elwood Radiologic Technology545-3380PC-117
William Emery Transportation545-3465Greenville
Brannon Etheridge Buildings & Grounds VA-161
George Evans Dean of Career and Tech Ed545-3030AD-204
Laura Findley Accounts Payable545-3103AD-106
Bruce Fink Biology545-3305AD-118
Laura Finley Facilities Management545-3139VA-161
Bruce Fischer Research and Planning545-3173ST-135
Jay Garrett Psychology545-3343HB-212
JoAnn Givens Advising545-3449Vandalia
Yvette Glasgow TRIO545-3035HB-111
Nicholas Gordon Building & Grounds VA-161
Sarah Gordon Dance Team  
Niranjan Goswami Chemistry545-3361ST-119
Katelyn Gregov Admissions/Registration545-3047HB-122
Angela Gross Community Education545-3427Crisp
Margo Guetersloh Nursing545-3346N-121
Yvonne Hallam TRIO545-3032HB-227
Brian Hancock Men's Basketball545-3362ST-144
Carrie Hancock Financial Aid545-3075HB-144
Susan Hardebeck English545-3338HB-209
Mike Hargis Cross Country545-3225ST-129
Stephanie Harvey Children's Learning Center545-3206PC-176
Nicky Hayes Cafeteria545-3194FS-126
Aaron Heinzmann Agriculture545-3381AG-130
Linda Hellmann Payroll545-3104AD-104
Judy Hemker FIAC545-3105AD-120
Lisa Hempen Advising545-3468Greenville-120
Kellie Henegar Dean of Arts and Sciences545-3025AD-214
Travis Henson Marketing545-3177L-201
Jane Herrmann Physical Therapist Assistant545-3220PC-113
Ira Hickam Accounting545-3329HB-202
Jesse Higgerson Safety and Security545-3199HB-101
Michele Hill Office Technologies545-3076ST-217
Pamela Hill Security545-3199HB-101
Tiffany Hixenbaugh Bookstore545-3093HB-155
Eric Hofelich Mathematics545-3359ST-116
Cynthia Hoffmann Diagnostic Medical Sonography545-3365PC-120
Kristina Holland-Deadmond AELS545-3119HB-227
Bernard Holthaus Security & Safety545-3475Trenton
Tina Horton Financial Accounting545-3114AD-106
Phyllis Hostmeyer Academic Advising Trenton
Bonnie Huels Sociology545-3387HB-210
Angenien Huffstutler Computer Info Tech545-3315L-202
Wade Hunter Maintenance545-3143ST-148
Jerad Hustedde Security545-3199HB-101
Natalie Ibendahl Nursing545-3350N-117
Kenneth Ingersoll Administration of Justice545-3336PC-104
Frank Ioerger Buildings and Grounds545-3145VA-161
Steven Jerden Distance Education545-3196L-114
Robert Jervis Drafting545-3356A-206
Ashley Johnson Children's Learning Center545-3206PC-176
Eric Jones Respiratory Therapy545-3384PC-141
Mary Jo Jones VP Administrative Services545-3021AD-216
Cliff Jourdan Music545-3324FA-119
Heather Jourdan Dean of Arts and Sciences545-3026AD-204
Cathy Karrick Public Information545-3182L-221
Lois Kellermann Information Technology545-3202ST-135
Nancy Kinsey VP Administrative Services545-3020AD-215
Stephanie Klie Office Technologies545-3353ST-215
Jill Klostermann Financial Aid545-3081HB-135
Terry Koch Building and Grounds545-3145VA-161
Mitch Koester Athletics-Basketball545-3327G-120
Mark Kohnen Asst Prof of HVAC545-3414Crisp
Janelle Kuhn Athletics545-3146Gym-203
Ronald Kwiakowski Mailroom545-3180FA-108
Gregory Labyak VP Instructional Services545-3015AD-211
Jenna Lammers Admissions & Records545-3044HB-110
Erin Landers Education545-3385L-103
David Langenhorst Custodial  
Edgar Lattina Bldg & Grounds VA-161
Shannon Leathers Library545-3135L-100
Mark Lee Custodial545-3144FA-119
Julie Littrell Biology545-3302AD-113
Joseph Livesay Women's Tennis  
Mike Loomis Grants545-3087AD-204
Valjean Lueking Men's Tennis  
Tammy Lyons Custodial VA-161
Nichole Macon Nursing545-3317N-116
Kelli Malone Cosmetology545-3306PC-148
Tim March Business545-3328HB-203
Don Marshall Safety and Security545-3199HB-101
Lynda Marshall Music545-3341FA-118
Donna Matanane Capital Projects Management545-3228LC-103
William Mathena Biology545-3303AD-114
Nancy Mattson Accounts Receivable545-3055HB-143
Lester Maue Security545-3485Nashville
Rebecca McElhose Nursing545-3347N-112
Donna McKay Payroll545-3125AD-104
Pat Mefford Advising545-3158HB-122
Angela Meyers Custodial545-3144FA-119
Jamie Moergen Enrollment/Financial Aid545-3043HB-122
Beth Moore Learning Resource Center545-3133L-100
Shawn Morris Welding545-3406Crisp
Karen Muench Nursing545-3331N-120
Alexis Myers ECES545-3351HPC-142
Alexis Myers DLRC45-3132 L-101
Della Nagai Custodial545-3144FA-119
Ivan Neabuhr Custodial545-3144FA-119
Sandra Neabuhr Academic Advising / Retention545-3157HB-108
Steve Normansell English545-3340HB-210
Brad Odum Health545-3358PC-101
Tessa Opfer Nursing545-3334N-116
John Orlet English545-3345HB-205
Jodi Palm Mathematics545-3360ST-118
Staci Palm Admissions/Registration545-3050HB-122
Zach Patterson Athletics  
Misti Pawlisa Accounts Payable545-3101AD-106
Ron Perkins Safety and Security545-3199HB-101
Jay Perry Safety and Security545-3445Vandalia
Mimi Polczynski Radiologic Technology545-3363PC-121
Joyce Pryor On Line Support545-3240L-114
Cathy Quick President's Office545-3011AD-227
David Quinn Theatre545-3379HB-206
Penny Quinn President's Office545-3010AD-228
Kimberly Rahar Volleyball545-3372G-121
Aziz Rahman Respiratory Therapy532-0998 
Ladonna Rapp Office Technology545-3076ST-217
Sarah Ratermann Financial Aid545-3084HB-147
Robert Rhymes Culinary Arts545-3311FA-127
Victoria Rice Perkins545-3067HB-109
Kerri Richards Computer Info Tech545-3301L-206
Cydney Richardson Community Education545-3256Crisp
Brandon Richter Information Technology545-3197ST-135
Lisa Ring Practical Nursing545-3355N-119
Robyn Rohrscheib Purchasing & Inventory Control545-3102AD-106
KC Root Nursing545-3335N-112
Craig Roper Purchasing & Inventory Control545-3137AD-109a
Susan Rutledge-Jukes Nursing545-3243N-118
Rodney Saeger Custodial545-3144FA-119
Terri Sanders Accounts Receivable545-3058HB-122
Amy Sapp Paraprofessional Educator545-3089L-109
Tammy Schaefer Children's Learning Center545-3206PC-176
Ashley Schisler Horticulture545-3383AG-135
Lori Schmidt Dental Assisting545-3320PC-169
Gina Schuetz Information Tech Systems545-3099ST-135
Mary Schulze Education Centers545-3446Vandalia
Sharon Shanafelt Nursing545-3378N-113
Chris Shaw Information Technology545-3207ST-135
Candace Sloat Radiologic Technology545-3366PC-133
Claudia Smith Financial Accounting545-3106AD-106a
Pamala Smith Children's Learning Center545-3323PC-174
Victoria Snyder Adult Education545-3481Trenton
Sherry Soger Human Resources545-3024AD-212
Lucinda Spencer Nursing545-3349N-117
Larice Stalls AELS Workforce
Kenneth Starr Computer Equipment Maintenance545-3212ST-135
Clint Stevens English545-3238L-207
Linda Still Dean Career and Technical Ed545-3031AD-204
Mike Stone Information Tech Systems545-3201ST-135
Kim Storm Practical Nursing545-3448Vandalia
Jeffrey Sulcer History545-3344HB-214
Matthew Szatkowski Maintenance Technician545-3216ST-148
Sandra Telford Cafe & Catering545-3194FS-126
Kevin Tenpenny Physical Therapist Assistant545-3221PC-112
Tabatha Thomas Enrollment545-3051HB-122
Max Timmons Cafe & Catering545-3194FS-126
MyDung Trieu Purchasing & Inventory Control545-3148ST-135
Amy Troutt Recruitment545-3048HB-112
Diane Tucker Children's Learning Center545-3206PC-176
Travis Turley Telecommunications545-3097ST-135
Cheryl Twenhafel Human Resources545-3023AD-212
Beth Urban Respiratory Therapy545-3352PC-137
Laura Vahlkamp Anderson Education Centers545-3476Trenton
Peter Vig Physical Science545-3373ST-205
Mark Vogel Adult Ed and Literacy545-3253Workforce
William Waggoner Agriculture545-3185AG-134
Jim Walter Maintenance545-3142LC-120
Wayne Watkins Mathematics545-3377ST-106
Cynthia Webber Bookstore545-3091HB-156
Brian Weems Media Center545-3200ST-128
Michelle Wessel Physical Therapy Assistant545-3242PC-112
Terry Whipple TRIO545-3039L-109
Brandi Wilkins Speech545-3368HB-208
Nathan Wilkins Office Technologies545-3316HB-207
Kristin Williams Cafeteria545-3314FS-253
Franceska Windler Recruitment545-3049HB-128
Joshua Woods English545-3241L-221
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