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Yellow Chestnut Oak
(Quercus muehlenbergii)

Donated by University of Illinois - Champaign-Urbana
Tree Map Location: # 19

Yellow Chestnut Oak tree Yellow Chestnut Oak leaf Yellow Chestnut Oak twig Yellow Chestnut Oak acorn

Leaf: Alternate, simple, obovate or oblong, large coarse gland tipped teeth on margin, 4 to 7 inches long, dark, shiny green above, much paler below.  
Flower: Monoecious; male flowers are yellow-green long catkins (3 to 4 inches long), females are green to reddish, very small in leaf axils. appearing with the leaves.  
Fruit: Acorn, nut 1/2 to 1 inch long, broadest below the middle, thin bowl-shaped cap covers about 1/3 of acorn and forms a tattered fringe on the margin of cap, dark brown when mature.  
Twig: Slender to moderate, orange-brown, buds cluster at branch tips, terminal buds 1/8 inch long, pointed, chestnut brown, individual scales with frosted edges.  
Bark: Thin, light gray, rough and flaky.  
Form: Medium sized tree to 60 feet, with a rounded crown  
Source: College of Natural Resource Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  
Website: http://www.cnr.vt.edu/dendro

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