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Online Learning @ Kaskaskia College


Getting Started - Apply for Admission

All new students, including dual credit students, and students who have been inactive for one year or more should complete the Student Admissions Form. Follow this link to the Seven Easy Steps for Enrolling at Kaskaskia College.

What is a student ID number and when will I be assigned one?

A student ID number is a unique identifier given to each applicant to the college. Your student ID number is assigned to you upon processing of your initial application to the college. It will be mailed to you in your acceptance letter.

How do I register for classes?

If you are a first time student or returning after a year or more of absence, you will meet with a Professional Advisor to develop your Student Education Plan and register for your first semester of classes. Each semester after, you will meet with your Faculty Liaison prior to the start of registration to determine your next semesters classes. You can now self-register online through CampusNet, see an Enrollment Specialist in Admissions or get assistance at any of the Education Centers.

How do I add, drop or withdraw from a class?

You may make changes to your schedule through CampusNet, in-person or by emailing kcadmissions@kaskaskia.edu. Emails must be sent from your Kaskaskia College student email address. Changes must be made within the designated timeframes as identified on the Registration Calendar.

How do I access my online course?

Go to KC's Blackboard at https://bblearn.kaskaskia.edu and log in using your student ID number without any preceding zeros, and your password. The Blackboard link is also available through CampusNet. You will be required to change your password the first time you log in.

How do I withdraw from an online course for which I am officially registered?

In order to drop or withdraw from a course, students must either use CampusNet, submit/mail an Add/Drop Form to Student Services, or call the Admissions and Records Office at (618)545-3000 or (800)642-0859. It is the student's responsibility to drop courses according to KC policy.
NOTE: Students should be aware that there are different deadline dates for dropping a course to receive a refund or to withdraw from a course. (See the Tuition and Fees page)

What is GUID 103 Online Orientation?

Successful completion of GUID 103, Online Orientation, is required prior to enrolling in an online or hybrid course. GUID 103 Online Orientation is a free, half-credit class with assignments that demonstrate the use of Blackboard Learn 9 course tools.

How will I get the textbooks for an online course?

Students taking Internet courses should make arrangements to purchase textbooks through the Kaskaskia College Bookstore (phone 618-545-3245) or from other sources.

Online OL, Online Proctered OP and Hybrid HY classes?

At Kaskaskia College an online course is taught over the Internet on Blackboard Learn. Online courses are taught with instructor-led communications taking place electronically via the Internet. Assignments are generally submitted online; however, some attendance may be required for specific courses as assigned by the instructor.
Online Proctored courses are basically the same as OL, but the exams are proctored. A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process.
Hybrid courses are a blend of Face-to-face instruction along with online learning. In a hybrid course, a significant part of the course learning is online and the amount of on-campus classroom attendance is reduced.

Do I have to log in at a specific time each week?

No. Online courses provide you the benefit of time freedom. You can access your online courses 24/7. As with any course, it is important to review your course schedule for weekly assignments, their due dates, and any other requirements. Online courses allow you to go back at any time to review previous lessons; however you will not be able to advance to future lessons listed in the syllabus. This allows students to progress uniformly through the course materials.

How often should I log into my online class?

We recommend logging in 3-4 times a week to check the discussion forums and review assignments and lectures. Make it a regular practice to check in periodically so you can stay up-to-date.

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