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In our quest to provide Kaskaskia College Teacher Education/Paraprofessional Education candidates with high quality coursework and assistance, we have adopted Education Program Core Objectives. As participants in the Kaskaskia College Education curriculum, students will be able to:

  • exhibit knowledge of the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards
  • demonstrate the eight Candidate Dispositions
  • display professional and ethical conduct in the field experience setting
  • internalize the foundations of teaching based upon required coursework
  • build initial content knowledge of subject matter

It is also our goal to serve you and meet your needs. For further information, please call 618-545-3385 for the Teacher Education/Paraprofessional Department.

Program Features

  • Preparation for Illinois Test of Basic Skills- is built into EDUC 101, Introduction to Education. This is a critical step for Teacher Education candidates and must be addressed prior to transfer to a four year Teacher Education program.
  • Digital Fingerprinting Background Check- is completed as you enter the program.  You must have a satisfactory background check to be placed in an area school for your field experience.  Background Checks are non-transferrable to other institutions.
  • Diversity training- is included in every course in the program, so you move well beyond awareness to learn how to apply this critical knowledge base.
  • Technology skills-are embedded in every course in the program. You gain immediate practice using appropriate technology in your teaching.
  • Multiple field experiences-throughout the program and courses assist you in understanding the teaching field.
  • Coursework- includes EDUC 099, Paraprofessional Test Preparation; EDUC 101, Introduction to Education (45 hours of field experience); EDUC 116, Technology for Teachers, EDUC 190, Introduction to Special Education (30 hours of field experience); EDUC 200 (45 hours of field experience); EDUC 202,  Educational Psychology; EDUC 210, Introduction to Elementary Art; EDUC 216 - Language Development; EDUC 217, Foundations of Reading; EDUC 224 - Foundations of American Education
Transfer to Four-Year Institutions

Preparation for transfer is critical.  Teacher Education candidates must identify their transfer institution early on in their coursework as each institution has specific course requirements which must be me for acceptance into their program.

For Field Experience Teachers

Thank you for agreeing to accept our Teacher Education candidate into your classroom. The student is very excited and is looking forward to working and learning from you and your class. To help you with the learning, we have included the following documents for your review.

Field experience should be a continuum of experiences.  Field Experience teachers must adjust and gauge their assigned student's readiness for each responsibilities.

  1. One day or two of observation time to allow the student to become familiar with class routines, rules, and regulations. 
  2. As confidence builds,  allow your field experience student to work one on one with individual students, lead small group work, and if you see capability-- leading the class in a short activity or lesson. 
  3.  Please allow the student time to ask questions and learn from you and your colleagues.  We have coached them to do so when you are not engaged in direct instruction or other duties.
  4. Students may join you in after school activities, teacher in-services, field trips, or special meetings and count those hours toward their total.

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