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2009-2013 Agriculture Program Accomplishments

March 2013 - KC Agriculture and Horticulture - National Postsecondary Agricultural Students Conference in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Gunner Decker - 1st Place in Horticulture & Natural Resources Career Planning
  • Katie Cayo – 2nd Place in Food Science & Safety Specialist
  • Samantha Ropp, Dylan Reed, & Jessica Telgmann – 1st Place Team in Dairy Specialist
    • Samantha Ropp – 1st Place Individual
    • Dylan Reed – 2nd Place Individual
    • This win makes back-to-back national champions in this event
  • Brad Braddock – 8th place in Precision Agriculture Specialist
  • Newt Albert & Tyler Pokojski – 9th place in Beef Specialist
  • Gunner Decker & Melissa Thole – 8th place Horticulture Landscape & Nursery Specialist

January 2013 - Dairy Judging Team - Southwestern National Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest at the Ft. Worth, Texas
  • 2nd High Team Honors
  • 2nd in Jerseys
  • 5th in Brown Swiss
  • 3rd in Holsteins
  • 3rd in Oral Reasons

Individual Honors:
  • Morgan Wendling finished 5th in Jerseys, 8th in Brown Swiss, 10th in Holsteins, and was 4th High Individual Overall
  • Dylan Reed was 7th in Jerseys, 8th in Holsteins, 9th in Oral Reasons, and was 5th High Individual Overall
  • Jessica Telgmann was 7th in Holsteins and 16th Overall
  • Brett Woker finished 10th in Jerseys and was 17th Overall
  • Ryan Vonder Haar was 11th in Jerseys.

National PAS Conference - Des Moines, IA
  • Brian Schumacher - National Champions Dairy Specialist (1st Place)
  • Clinton Michael - National Champions Dairy Specialist (2nd Place)
  • Miranda Kollmann - National Champions Dairy Specialist (4th Place), National Champion Career Progress Animal Systems-Ruminant (3rd Place)
  • Samantha Ropp - National Champions Dairy Specialist (5th Place)
  • Michelle Haller - National Champions Soils Specialist (1st Place)
  • Katelynn Mollett - National Champions Soils Specialist (2nd Place)
  • Lindsey Gladden - Landscape Horticulture Specialist (2nd Place)
  • Jeremy Kleiboeker - Landscape Horticulture Specialist (3rd Place), Career Planning Horticulture & Natural Resources (3rd Place)
  • Jordyn Fenske - Biofuels Specialist
  • Caitlin Schnitker - Career Progress Horticulture & Natural Resources

2012 IL PAS Competition Team awards:
  • Dairy Specialist - 1st and 2nd place teams (8th consecutive years as State Champions)
  • Landscape Horticulture Specialist - 1st place
  • Agriculture Computers Specialist - 1st place (3rd consecutive years as State Champions)
  • Soils Specialist - 3rd place

Individual awards:
  • Brian Schumacher - 1st place in Dairy Specialist and Ag Computers
  • Michelle Haller - 2nd place in Soils Specialist
  • Lindsey Gladden - 1st place in Landscape
  • Jeremy Kleiboeker - 1st place in Horticulture Career Planning, 2nd in Landscape
  • Miranda Kollman - 1st place in Animal Systems Career Progress
  • Brittany Becker - 1st place in Crop Systems Career Progress
  • Jordyn Fenske - 1st place in Agribusiness Management Career Progress
  • Caitlin Schnitker - 1st place in Horticulture Career Progress
  • Ashton Burroughs - 3rd place Prepared Speaking
  • Katie Cayo - Elected 2012-2013 IL PAS President
  International Postsecondary Dairy Judging Contest at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI (03 OCT 2011).
  • KC Dairy Judging Team: 4th Overall, 4th in Reasons, 3rd in Ayrshires and Red & White Holsteins,
    and 6th in Milking Shorthorns and Guernseys.
  • Clinton Michael: 3rd in Guernseys.
  • Matt Rusteberg: 7th in Guernseys.
  • Tyler Carter: 1st in Milking Shorthorns, 4th in Red & White Holsteins, 8th Overall,
    and All American Honors
  • Miranda Kollmann: 3rd in Red & White Holsteins, 3rd in Ayrshires, 4th in Guernseys, 10th in Brown Swiss,
    5th in Reasons, 7th Overall, and All American Honors

Accelerated Genetics Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest held in Viroqua, WI
  • The KC Dairy Judging Team brought home 6th place honors
  • The team of Tyler Carter, Miranda Kollmann, Matt Rusteberg, and Clinton Michael garnered 5th place in Milking Shorthorns and 6th place in Holsteins
  • Tyler Carter was honored as the 5th Individual in Holsteins, and finished 16th Overall
  • KC was the highest ranked community college team in the competition

North American International Livestock Expo Dairy Judging Contest
  • Overall – 5th
  • Oral Reasons – 5th
  • Ayshires – 5th
  • Holsteins – 5th
  • Guernseys – 5th
  • Jerseys - 2nd
  • Mitchell Eickmeyer – recognized as High Individual in the Jersey breed
  • Mitchell Eickmeyer – 10th Individual in Oral Reasons
  • Katie DeLong – 8th in Ayshires
  • Katie DeLong – 7th in Brown Swiss
  • Katie DeLong – 12th High Individual
  • Paul Schumacher - 7th in Ayshires
  • Nick Frederking - 16th High Individual Overall with a very consistent day

International Postsecondary Dairy Judging Contest at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI
  • Guernseys – Katie DeLong 8th Individual, Mitchell Eickmeyer 4th Individual, Team 6th
  • Holsteins – Mitchell Eickmeyer 2nd Individual, Team 3rd
  • Milking Shorthorns – Paul Schumacher 10th Individual, Mitchell Eickmeyer 9th Individual, Team 6th
  • Red & White Holsteins – Paul Schumacher 5th Individual
  • Oral Reasons – Mitchell Eickmeyer – tied 10th, 4th High Team
  • Overall – 8th High Team

IL PAS Fall Conference - Spoon River College - Canton, IL
  • Kristi Droste - 1st in Crops EMployment Interview
  • Michelle Haller - 2nd in Landscape & Nursery Employment Interview
  • Amy Tompkins - 5th in Agribusiness Administration Employment Interview
  • Jesse Nosbaum - 4th in Foresty & Natural Resurces Employment Interview
  • Crops Specialist Team 2nd - Kristi Droste & Michelle Haller(3rd High Individual)

IL PAS Annual Conference - Springfield, IL
  • Ag Computers Specialist Team 1st - Luke Voss, Josh huelsmann, Erick Monken, Stephen bess(2nd High Individual)
  • Eqine Specialist - Michelle Haller 1st
  • Dairy Specialist
    • 1st - Nick Harre(1st ind.), kristi Droste(2nd Ind.), Seth Sickmeyer(3rd Ind.), Mark Hornbostel(4th Ind.)
    • 2nd - Nick Frederking, Josh Huelsmann, Jared Rickhoff
    • Jesse Nosbaum - Elected 2009-10 IL PASN Vice-President

National PAS Conference - St. louis, MO
  • Kristi Droste - 2nd Crops Employment Interview
  • Gold Chapter award for high membership increase
Southwest Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest
  • Teams finished 9th and 10th Overall
All-American Dairy Show - Harrisburg, PA
  • 3rd High Team Overall
  • KC Team Placings
    • 3rd in Ayrshires
    • 2nd in Brown Swiss
    • 2nd in Guernseys
    • 3rd in Holsteins
    • 3rd in Jerseys
    • 3rd in Reasons
  • KC Individu Placings
    • Seth Sickmeyer - 4th in BRown Swiss, 2nd in Holsteins, 7th Overall Individual
    • Nick Harre - 2nd in Guernseys, 1st in Jerseys, 4th Overall Individual
North American International Livestock Expo - Louisville, KY
  • 7th High Team Overall
  • KC Team Placings
    • 4th in Ayrshires
    • 3rd in Brown Swiss
    • 4th in Guernseys
    • 6th in Reasons
World Dairy Expo - Madison, WI
  • 9th High Team Overall
  • KC Team Placings
    • 8th overall in Reasons
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