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How do I get started at Kaskaskia College?

Kaskaskia College provides "Seven Steps to Enrollment" to assist with enrolling at Kaskaskia College.

What is a student ID number and when will I be assigned

A student ID number is a unique identifier given to each applicant to the college. Your student ID number is assigned to you upon processing of your initial application to the college. It will be mailed to you in your acceptance letter.

I lost my student ID number. How do I get it again?

Your student ID number is usually located on most correspondences you receive from the college. Otherwise, you may come to the Main Campus or any of our Education Centers with a photo ID to obtain your number.

How and when do I get my student ID card?

You may obtain a student ID card once you are officially registered for classes. You may inquire about a student ID card at our Main Campus or any of our Education Centers. At this time you must have a photo ID and a copy of your current class schedule.
I lost my student ID card. How do I get a new card?

You may request a replacement card at a $5 fee.

Why do you need my high school transcript? I already graduated from another college.

Kaskaskia College's admission policy requires that all students working toward a degree or certificate file a copy of their final high school transcript or HEC scores.

How do I get a transfer credit evaluated?

Have an official copy of your transcript(s) from other colleges or universities sent to the Admissions Office at Kaskaskia College.

Enrollment & Registration
What programs are offered?

Kaskaskia College offers Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science degree programs, as well as many Occupational Certificates. Further information on these degrees and detailed course descriptions may be found in the college catalog or the Kaskaskia College website.

How do I read the Class Schedule published by the College?

General information is printed in the front of the book followed by the list of classes with dates, times, instructors, etc. There is a legend to help you interpret each column printed immediately prior to the list of classes.

How do I find out if a class is available?

Students can contact Admissions and Registration to ask about course availability. A list of classes is also available on the Kaskaskia College website.

Where can I register?

On Main Campus, Online, or one of our Education Centers.

Can I register by phone?

Phone registration is available to students. You must have a current Student Admissions Form on file or be a continuing student. When the first payment date for an upcoming term has passed, you must make a credit card payment in order to register by phone.

When is the last day to register for a class?

Students may register for a class up until the day the class starts as long as they meet appropriating placement requirements and/or prerequisites and the class is still open.

How do I add or drop a class?

Adding or dropping a class should be initiated in the Admissions and Registration Office, online, by phone, or at one of our Education Centers.

When is the last day to withdraw from a class?

You may withdraw from a full semester length class in Fall and Spring semesters up until two week before the ending date of the term. These dates are posted. You may withdraw from an eight-week class up until one week before the last date of the class. You may withdraw from other length classes until the equivalent of one-eighth of the class remains.

If I don't have my money today, can I still register?

Each term has a published date when you must have a payment (or payment plan) or confirmed financial assistance in order to register. If you register prior to that date, you will be sent a statement with payment information.

Will I be notified if a class is cancelled?

When classes are cancelled, it is usually due to low enrollment. The appropriate instructional offices notify students when the decisions are made, usually a few days prior to the starting date of the class.

How do I get a copy of my schedule?

You may obtain a copy of your schedule in Admissions and Registration or at one of our Education Centers (Be prepared to show your Kaskaskia College ID or driver's license.) You may also print a schedule from CampusNet.

The starting date on my class schedule is a Monday date but this class starts on a Tuesday. Why?

All full semester length classes that begin the first week of a term are usually published with the beginning and ending date of the term.

How many hours do I have to take to be a full-time student?

In Spring and Fall, twelve semester hours are considered to be full-time. In Summer, six hours is full-time.

How much does it cost to go to Kaskaskia College?

See our Tuition and Fees Page for current costs.

There is an estimated cost sheet available in Admissions for each career program that lists most of the other significant costs in addition to tuition.

When will I receive my grade report?

Final grades are available at CampusNet after being posted by the instructors.

I'm missing a grade. Who do I talk to?

The Admissions Office. Usually a missing grade at the end of a term indicates the grades were not available in the Admissions Office when the grade reports were processed.

How do I figure my GPA for a term?

Your GPA (Grade Point Average) is figured by dividing the total grade points earned that semester by the number of hours you received a grade of A,B,C,D, or F in. (An A in a 3-hour class has 12 grade points -- 3 hrs times 4 grade points.) The points from each class should be added together.

I dropped that class. Why does my grade report have a W?

Classes that are dropped after the first two weeks of the term (or the equivalent of 1/8 of the classes) are considered withdrawals and are recorded on the student's permanent record.

I took some classes at Kaskaskia College many years ago and received F's. How can I get those off my transcript?

Those F's cannot be changed. We recommend students repeat these classes when possible and the student's higher grade will be counted in their GPA. The F's will remain on your transcript. Keep in mind that when you transfer, some colleges and universities will average the two grades. They are not obligated to only count the higher grade.

Enrollment Letters and Forms
Where do I go to get an enrollment verification letter?

An enrollment verification letter may be obtained in the Admissions Office. These letters are usually used to prove full- time enrollment status to an outside source (i.e. insurance, etc.)

When will you mail my diploma?

Diplomas are usually mailed 4 to 5 weeks after the end of the term after grades are turned in, all requirements checked, and fees paid. Pending the completion of your degree or certificate your diploma will be mailed out no later than February 28 if you are a December Graduate, September 30 if you are a Summer Graduate, and July 31 if you are a May Graduate.

How do I apply for graduation?

Applications are available at the Welcome Desk on the Main Campus, at the Education Centers, or on the Kaskaskia College website. The graduation application should be completed at the time the student registers for his/her last semester of classes.

When will you mail my diploma?

Diplomas are usually mailed 4 to 5 weeks after the end of the term after grades are turned in, all requirements checked, and fees paid. Pending the completion of your degree or certificate your diploma will be mailed out no later than February 28 if you are a December Graduate, September 30 if you are a Summer Graduate, and July 31 if you are a May Graduate.

How can I get a copy of my Kaskaskia College transcript?

Transcript requests must be made in writing, either by mail or completing the request form available at the Main Campus, all Education Centers, and online. Request must include signature, two unique identifiers (i.e. ID#, SS#, birth date), approximate dates of attendance, current address, and address where they are to be sent. There is a $2.00 fee for the first copy and $1.00 for each additional copy requested at the same time.

Can I get a transcript if I owe money?

No, it is the college's policy not to release a student's transcript if they owe a balance to the college.

I'm in a hurry. How can I get my transcript?

The quickest way to get a transcript is to come in person to the Main Campus where your transcript will be processed upon request. If this is not an option, Kaskaskia College does provide the option of having a transcript sent overnight. There is an additional $20.00 overnight fee. As long as your request is received before 3 PM, your transcript will be sent out that day.

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