The Rationale for the Kaskaskia College Trenton Regional Education Center Expansion

The decision to expand KC’s presence in the Trenton community was based on these needs and trends:

  • Constant need for training and retraining of the workforce;
  • Rapidly changing skill requirements;
  • Globalization of the economy;
  • Increasingly rapid technological advances;
  • Increasing number of learners who are place-bound and timebound;
  • Need for flexible scheduling and delivery systems;
  • Increasing commitment to lifelong learning;
  • Need to educate our youth closer to home, slowing the “brain drain;” and
  • Need to expand the range of degree programs available in the area.

Virtually every study of future needs for Illinois emphasize the critical importance of higher education, especially in programs offered through community colleges. Report after report makes the point repeatedly of the vital role higher education must play in implementing the changes necessary to revitalize and sustain the economies of smaller communities. In this environment, the area’s ability to retain its people, especially its best people, will depend on how well it meets the educational needs of employees and their families.

The expanded Kaskaskia College Trenton Education Center will dramatically enhance the quality of life within the region by offering continuing education opportunities to employees of existing business and industry firms, thereby assisting in their retention and in advancement potential, along with providing a skilled workforce for employers.

The state-of-the-art Center will greatly increase the opportunities for attracting new business, new industry and new employees, as the college is planning to develop room for industrialized training.

Offerings at the Center will be both credit and non-credit. Also, in keeping with the College’s mission to provide educational opportunities to its residents at times and places convenient for the learner KC will also establish several program and degree offerings. In addition to the Kaskaskia College offerings, courses at the upper division and graduate level will be made available through cooperative agreements with four-year colleges and universities to further enhance training of the workforce and further stabilize the area economy.

Student financial aid, enrollment services, advising, academic assessment, Library services, and counseling will be available at the Trenton Center through Kaskaskia College. Tuition charges assessed at the Center will be the same as set for all KC district students and determined by the Kaskaskia College Board of Trustees.

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