Title 3

The Endowment Scholarship fund is committed to help mold our students into sound citizens and people of character and integrity by encouraging them to continue their education.  Our ultimate goal is to inspire people to complete their college education and obtain a post-secondary degree.   As a result, this scholarship fund will, in return, provide our communities with sound, well educated citizens ready for the workforce. 

Endowment Fundraising 

Endowment Fundraising Timeframe:    Oct. 2009—Sept. 2014

Endowment Matching Funds :                Up to $225,500

Investment Period:                                     20 years

When a monetary gift is given, the donor’s gift will receive matching Title III federal money, doubling the value of the gift. The total dollar amount (donor gift and federal match) will be endowed in the donor’s or other designated name.



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