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Company: Signature Label, Vandalia, IL
Job Title: Silk-Screen Mechanic
Date Posted: 04/15/2013
Industry: Misc.

Silk Screen Mechanic
Reports To: Shift Supervisor

Originated:  April 25, 2013

To perform machine maintenance and repairs as needed and directed by the Shift Supervisor.
Physical Requirements
1.  Must be able to stand for at least 8 hours.
2.  Must have very good manual dexterity.
3.   Must have good vision either with or without optical lens.
4.   Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds from the floor to a height of six (6) feet

Tools Required
1.  The company will provide onset  Of standard and metric hex keys and one plastic faced hammer.
2.  Employee is required to supply their own basip tools as follows:
a)  Open end wrenches: American: 3/6n, 7/16", 1/2" and 9/16".
b)  Open end wrenches: Metric: 10mm and 13mm
c)  10" adjustable open end wrench ("Crescent" wrench)
d)  1 pair adjustable pliers or Channel Locks
e)  One set of regular and one set.of Phillips screwdrivers. It is strongly recommended that you supply the following tools:
a)  Metric open end wrenches from 6mm to 15 mm
b)  Center Punch
c)  12 oz. Ball Pein Hammer

-Job Knowledge and Education
1.  Must be able to read, write and have gpod basic math skills.-
2.  Must be able to effectively communicate both oral and written.
3.  Must demonstrate a mechanical background and aptitude.
4.  Experience in machine maintenance and set-up preferred.
5.  Experience with inks and screen preferred.
6.  Ability to or experience reading machine manuals and schematics preferred.
7.  Must be willing to participate in work-related training as directed and needed for continuous•

-Primary  Responsibilities
1.  Promote and follow safety guidelines to ensure a safe working•environment
2.  Provide wntten and verbal reports to Shift Supervisor and effectively communicate with .Shift
Supervisor, Lead Silk-screen  Mechanic and shift employees.
3.  Demonstrate a can-do attitude to'Nard learning as much as possible to perform responsibilities.
4.  Tackle job tasks with initiative to ensure machines are maintained efficiently and produces
product within quality standards.

-General Responsibilities
1.  Report for work 15 minutes before the start of shift.
2.   Excellent attendance is required..
3.   Keep work areas clean and order1y.
4.  Attend and participate in staff meetings as required by the Plant Manager.
5.  Meetdaily with Shift Supervisor and/or Lead Silk-Screen Mechanic at the beginning of shift to discuss production related issues, including mechanical problems, quality issues, changeovers and when they are to occur, tooling, changes in orders, numbers or priorities, and other issues as
directed by the Shift SuperviSor and/or Lead Silk-Screen Mechanic.
6.  Cooperate with Quality Assurance with any quality related issues such as standards and holds.
7.  Maintain a safe working environment. Follow plart safety rules, monitor the machines and the
workplace for safety hazards and report any discrepancies to Human Resources or the Plant
Manager. .
8.  St a positive example for co-workers in work ethics, language, communication, and appearance.
9.  Must be able to work over on other shifts to fill in for vacations and absences and/or when necessary as directed by the Shift Supervisor or Plant Manager..

1. Monitor production runs for adherence to quality standards.
2. Monitor scrap. Correct any machine or mechanical problems causing scrap. Justify any scrap amounts over 3% per pass.
3. Inform Quality Assurance of any line start-up.
4. Confirm the correctness of any aspect of a production run.

1.  Assist in the repair, maintenance, and changing over of production lines.
2.   Record machine down time in the supervisor's log. Include in the record the reason for the
occurrence and the corrective methods used.
3.  Recor.d any adjustments, adaptations, repairs, or changes made on tooling and/or machines during the shift and include in supeNisor's log.

1.  Maintain a professional, calm attitude when dealing  with any employee.
2.  Be consistent. Do not show favoritism;

Perform any other duties as assigned by the Shift Supervisor.
The start off pay would be around $9.00 per hour and the shifts we work are 7am to 3pm or 3pm
to 11pm or 11pm to 7am. 



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