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Academic Integrity

Kaskaskia College adheres to a set of core values (honesty, responsibility, fairness, compassion, respect) and they are reflected in academic integrity.   Students, as members of the college community, need to be responsible for an honest presentation of their academic work.  To misrepresent one's research; to present the words or ideas of another as one's own; to cheat on an examination; or to incorporate too much help on out-of-class papers and assignments undermines the educational process and violates the core values of KaskaskiaCollege. Furthermore, faculty and academic support staff are also part of the college community and ethical culture, and as such, are responsible for fostering an environment that encourages and promotes academic integrity.

Before submission of any paper:

Please phrase the 6 different types of plagiarism into a first-person ethics statement that can serve you positively and reinforce KaskaskiaCollege’s core values.

First, all of my passages taken word for word have quotation marks around them, and all of my summaries have been drastically rewritten with the words, sentence structure, and creative metaphors all changed.

Second, I have included a parenthetical citation after every “Quotation” and after every “Summary” so that the words and ideas I have gotten from someone else have been honestly attributed to those people.

Third, I have included a Works Cited page at the end of the paper so anyone can look up and check my sources that I used.

Fourth, this paper is my work; I did it all. Some people might have helped me a little, but no one helped me too much.  I understand everything that is in the paper and could explain to you and the class everything I have written in an oral presentation.

Fifth, I have not submitted this paper before in any other class or for any other teacher —and will not do so after I turn this in.

Finally, I did not steal, download, or buy this paper, nor did I copy extensively some other paper from the internet, from a friend, or from someone who had this class previously.