Kaskaskia College Receives $196,342 Grant from National Science Foundation – Advanced Technological Education Program

Kaskaskia College is proud to announce that it has received a $196,342 Grant from the National Science Foundation – Advanced Technological Education Program.
Kaskaskia’s project will focus on geospatial technology (GST), a growing area of study that provides the skills needed for success in an ever expanding array of occupations. With the support of regional employers and educators, the project will advance the college’s efforts to establish geospatial technology certificate and associate degree programs to serve the southern half of Illinois.
The project will prepare GST Technicians and GST-enabled graduates for Southern Illinois Business and Industry and will support the following key activities over a three-year period:  establish certificate and associate degree programs in GST while utilizing, pilot-testing and evaluating a nationally recognized curriculum; provide GST field internship opportunities for Kaskaskia College students.; incorporate GST into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Classes at Kaskaskia College and regional high schools,; conduct outreach events targeting students and teachers as well as leaders of business, industries and communities to share information about geospatial technology including educational opportunities and potential uses,; and utilize a GST Regional Advisory Board to help guide Kaskaskia’s GST program, assist with the proposed project and enhance partnerships and career pathways.
Geospatial Technology is used in almost every industry, if there is any kind of location involved GST is being utilized. Included in the high growth industries that are in need of Geospatial Technicians every day are: Utilities, Telecommunications, Local Government, Defense and Intelligence, Emergency Services, Healthcare, Consumer Location-Based Services, Land and Property, Marine, Transportation and Logistics, Financial and Insurance, Retail Chains and Construction.
KC’s Business Services Representative, Art Borum says, “You may not realize it, but you benefit from the use of Geospatial Technology (GST) every day. Whether it's a location on your cell phone, the synchronization of traffic lights on your way to work, response of emergency services or the convenient location of your favorite restaurant, GST likely had a hand in making these things happen. All over the world, organizations are using GST to manage the environment, work more efficiently, provide better customer service, and save money.”
For additional information about Kaskaskia College’s Geospatial Technology (GST) Program, contact Art Borum at (618) 545-3401.

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