Brandon Smith Has a Legacy of Success at Kaskaskia College

Although he has long since moved on from Kaskaskia College, Brandon Smith’s story and his artwork on campus are still inspiring students today.
Twenty-six year old Brandon Smith from Centralia, Illinois, graduated from KC in 2007.  He had received a scholarship to be in the theatre program, and pursued his Associates in Arts degree.  While at KC, Smith was involved in many different activities, including: Student Congress, Core Values, PTK, Black Student Association, Rotoract, Art Club, Drama Club, Film Club, and BASIC.  Smith was also a Student Trustee, Diversity Ambassador, and Friends of the Fine Arts Student Representative.  He made many contributions to Kaskaskia, such donating some of his art projects and speaking at many events.
Smith went on to get his Bachelor’s in Mass Communications with a concentration in audio production, as well as a minor in art, from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.  He now is a backup assistant manager at Shoe Sensation in Centralia, a youth leader at Eternity Baptist Church, and a self-produced rapper.  Since graduating SIUC, Smith has recorded and produced two mix tapes and three original albums.  The albums have been a great success, and can be found on most major music purchasing sites and applications, such as iTunes, Amazon, Muve Music, Reverb Nation, and iHeart Radio.
Smith still looks back at his days at KC and his decision to attend.  “In the beginning, I had no intention of going to KC,” said Smith.  “I was one of those students who wasn’t ready for university life…. I ended up with a scholarship in theatre, and there were people from my graduating class attending, so KC became a comfortable choice.” 
Smith gives credit to KC for helping him build who he is today.  “KC helped me find direction in terms of what path would work best for me and helped me discover the type of leader I could become” he said. “I was able to grow and explore all three main areas that I'm gifted in while I was attending KC.”  He enjoyed expressing himself at KC through art, theater, and music, expressing his talents.  Also while at KC, Smith was helped to find his career path when he took some recording classes.  He discovered his true passion, and found his career in recording his own music. 

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