Terry Everett Shares Lifetime of Criminal Justice Experience with KC Students


Terry Everett has been teaching at Kaskaskia College for five years as one of our Criminal Justice instructors. The KC Criminal Justice program is a two year Associate in Applied Science degree.  It is also offered as a 32 credit hour Certificate program.  

Terry is ex-military, serving twenty years in the US Navy as a Special Operations Commander.  He worked for the Los Angeles Police Department and is presently employed part time as a deputy for the Bond County Sheriff’s Department, Greenville Police Department and works for the Bond County Health Department as Emergency Management Preparedness officer.  Besides all this Terry makes time to teach Criminal Justice classes for Kaskaskia College at Vandalia Campus and the Greenville Education Center in the evenings.

I spoke with Terry about why he teaches classes on law enforcement. He said “I teach to educate future police officers; I believe they will benefit from my 30 years of criminal justice experience.”  When asked what his perspective was of the Criminal Justice program at KC, he shared these comments.  “I believe KC is offering a most needed program, as the future jobs in law enforcement are expanding. The public sector, which includes local, state and federal officers, are constantly adding or replacing staff. The private sector is also growing rapidly, jobs such as security officers in plants, retail stores, even in schools are on the rise;  as well as related fields such as Corrections, Probation, Investigators, Homeland Security, and CSI.   The list goes on and on; all are growing.” Terry said, “Kaskaskia College is fortunate to have instructors that are experienced in police work, corrections and crime scene investigation. We are able to share our experience with the students and along with good up -to -date curriculum the program meets the needs of the students to be successful on the job.”  With this degree a student can continue his education at a college or university and get his bachelor’s degree which may be required for some of the jobs Terry talks about. He may also choose to go right to work.

The head of the Criminal Justice Department, Ken Ingersoll, a retired Centralia Police officer as well, speaks very highly of Terry. He said, “Terry is one of the dedicated adjunct instructors that attend the development classes the main campus holds.  He is also active in his classroom teachings by getting students out of their chairs and demonstrating techniques (i.e. investigations).  I can trust his teaching skills are top notch.”

I also spoke with a sophomore in the Criminal Justice program, Hannah Sides, about her opinion of Mr. Everett. She said, “He is a really good teacher, he takes time to explain things I need help with. He is easy going and makes the class interesting by sharing some of his experiences.” Hannah has had Terry for several classes and she plans on finishing her degree in December.  She is considering seeking a job in probation or alcohol and drug abuse counseling.

From a personal perspective, Terry Everett does have down time.  Terry lives in Pocahontas with wife Sandra. They have four grown children and four grandchildren, who all live out of state; one family in Maryland, two in Texas, and the last one in Missouri. You don’t have to talk to him long before you find out that he and his wife like to travel. Besides visiting their family, they have traveled to some beautiful places. Some of the places they have traveled to include Germany, Italy, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Alaska.  They have plans to do more traveling as time allows.

Kaskaskia College is fortunate to have many employed and retired police officers teaching for us. We are proud of them and their service to the communities they serve.  These teachers have given a lot and are still giving to future generations of criminal justice men and women.

For more information on Kaskaskia College’s Criminal Justice program, please contact Professor Ken Ingersoll at 618-545-3336 or


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