Kaskaskia College Students Rank KC in the Top 4% Nationally in Safety and Security


Kaskaskia College students rank Kaskaskia College among the top community colleges in the nation in terms of safety and security.  In a 2012 report released by the National Community College Benchmark Project, Kaskaskia College is in the 96th percentile for student satisfaction with campus safety and security.  That means KC students are as or more satisfied with the safety and security of the College than students at 96% of the community colleges across the nation.  In fact out of the community colleges in Illinois participating in the survey, KC achieved the highest score in student satisfaction with safety and security.  The College’s own survey backs up the national report with 97% of the students surveyed feeling safe and secure at all of KC’s campus locations.  

The reports illustrate the College’s commitment on safety and security for everyone who visits any of the college’s locations.  According to President Dr. Jim Underwood, “our number one priority is to provide a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors and we are pleased to be among the nationally ranked colleges for safety.”   KC has installed portable emergency defibrillators, hired additional security personnel at all campus locations.  In addition all safety and security officers are trained in CPR/AED and First Aid.  Emergency call boxes are available on the main campus and up-to-date emergency procedure maps and safety and security contact information is available in all the classrooms, the main entrances to buildings and in the primary campus parking areas. Recently the college conducted a critical training exercise for faculty and staff prepared by Salem Police Chief Ron Campo, with additional training planned for this spring. 

While a great deal has been done for safety the College is taking steps to improve and enhance current efforts.   KC recently established an emergency plan task force of college personnel and local emergency responders to review the College’s safety and security plans and make recommendations for continued improvement.  In January the KC Board of Trustees endorsed the college’s initiatives and those in planning stages. 

As more people begin to think about the issue of safety, Kaskaskia College is committed to remaining ahead of the curve to ensure that all who attend classes, or events at any of the college’s locations do so with a peace of mind that their well being is first and foremost in the College’s mind. 

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