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Network Administration

The Network Administration A.A.S. Degree offers aggressive courses designed for students interested in careers in Network Design, Network Implementation, & Network Administration.

For further inquiry or assistance with course enrollment/ scheduling please see one of the Computer Information Technology Instructors.

Angenien Huffstutler-Networking 618.545.3315

This degree requires an internship to be completed at one of the Internship Program Sponsors somewhere in the local area to further prepare students for their future career. Details on internship will vary according to program sponsor.

Minimum graduation requirements may provide an opportunity to students who enter the program at an advanced level to proficiency lower level course work or select elective credit. Students entering with less than the required program entrance skills may be required to meet prerequisites not listed in the curriculum sequence.

Program Requirements
Career and Technical A.A.S. Degree

F=Fall Only
S=Spring Only

Network courses that require a prerequisite

Course Prerequisite
CITN 220 CITN 130
CITN 225 CITN 220

First Semester
ENGL 101 English Composition 3
CITP 110 Computer Logic(VB) 4
CITN 130 Introduction to Server Systems(F) 3
CITN 112 A+ Certification 4
CITG 183 Client Operating System 3

Second Semester
BUSN 149 Business Math or higher-level Math 3
CITN 113 Ethical Hacking(S) 3
CITN 220 Advanced Server Administration 4
CITN 110 Security+ 3
CITN 116 IDS Administration & Firewalls(S) 3
PHLE 119 Core Values and Ethical Decision Making 1

Third Semester
CITC 110 Cisco Networking Basics 3
CITC 111 Cisco Routers and Routing Basics 3
CITP 215 System Design I 4
CITN 215 Exchange Server(F) 3
PSYH 101 Psychology 101 3

Fourth Semester
CITC 112 Cisco LAN Switching & Wireless 3
CITC 113 Cisco WAN Technology 3
CITG 250 Computer Information Technology Internship(3-hour practicum with a 1-hour Seminar) 4
CITN225 Enterprise Architecture 3
SPCH 103 Fundamentals of Speech 3
SOCO 101 Sociology 3

Minimum Requirements

A.A.S. Degree 68 credit hours

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