Building Design

The new Kaskaskia College Nashville Education Center will be located on Illinois Route 127 and and Exchange Avenue. This location provides the College with excellent visabilty, and easy access and exit for students attending classes. The site will also allow the College to plan for future expansion.

The new center will feature:

  • Increased classroom space and a dedicated science lab
  • A Health Occupation Lab
  • Distance learning and a computer lab that is also open to the public
Nashville Center

Nashville Center

Nashville Center

Nashville Center


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Kaskaskia College officially established an educational presence in Nashville in August of 2003 to provide increased higher educational opportunities to residents in Washington County. Currently located just one block west of Illinois Route 127 at 450 N. Kaskaskia Street, the KC Nashville Education Center has become an important component in the College’s mission of providing residents with lifelong learning opportunities and career training.

This mission has been embraced by the residents of the county, as shown by the Center’s 33% increase in credit hours over the past two years. The KC Nashville Education Center has also become popular with students traveling from communities outside Washington County to attend classes. As a result of creating the Center, the College has been quite effective in serving a population that was not being reached because of variable time and distance factors which are so critical to students in acquiring a higher education.

Now, climbing gas prices are contributing to transportation challenges in managing not only the time, but also the expense of travel to successfully complete educational goals. Therefore, a larger facility is needed to meet the demanding and changing needs for higher education in Washington County. The larger Kaskaskia College Nashville Education Center will be a site in which new programs can be developed and offered for the entire College. Also, enrollments will increase in most class offerings with classrooms that will accommodate on average 25 students, which is the standard on the main campus.

The Rationale for the Kaskaskia College Nashville Regional Education Center Expansion

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The decision to expand KC's presence in the Nashville community was based on these needs and trends:

  • Constant need for training and retraining of the workforce;
  • Rapidly changing skill requirements;
  • Globalization of the economy;
  • Increasingly rapid technological advances;
  • Increasing number of learners who are place-bound and timebound;
  • Need for flexible scheduling and delivery systems;
  • Increasing commitment to lifelong learning;
  • Need to educate our youth closer to home, slowing the "brain drain;" and
  • Need to expand the range of degree programs available in the area.

Economic Impact of a Kaskaskia College Education

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CCBenefits, Inc. conducted an economic impact study of the effect Kaskaskia College has on the local economy, and the economic effect for students completing programs at the College. The following are a few of the most compelling highlights:

Economic Impact of Kaskaskia College:

  • Kaskaskia College provides high quality career training and educational excellence to its residents, but its impact goes far beyond.
  • KC is also the “Engine for Economic Development” providing customized education and training for local companies to improve workforce productivity.
  • KC works with incoming business and industry to develop training to meet their employment needs.
  • KC programs are critical for recruiting new businesses, expanding current businesses, and for creating long-term economic growth.
  • Annual state and local government support for KC will be fully recovered in 8.9 years.
  • For every dollar KC pays in salaries, there is another 31 cents or 31 percent generated in the district.
  • After successfully completing a program at KC, the average student will spend 35.8 years in the workforce, and he/she will earn $379,982 more than someone with just a high school diploma or HEC.
  • KC graduates have earned $123.76 million that has caused an additional $91.56 million in other industries increased sales.

Nashville Regional Education Center Programs

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The educational plan is to offer an expanded selection of offerings leading to the Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Applied Science Degrees as well as professional Certificates in a variety of program areas. Anticipated offerings include the following:


  • Associate in Arts
  • Associate in Science
  • Associate in Applied Science


Career and Technical Education programs provide the knowledge and skills needed in the 21st Century workplace. A growing number of offerings are available to meet the needs of employers throughout the area.

  • Business
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Drafting
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Office Technologies

*Workplace ethics infused in all programs


New opportunities in the Health Occupations will address the strong demand for healthcare professionals in the local community. Several program options are available.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • First Responder
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


General Education offerings are available in all areas needed for completion of an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Applied Science Degree. These include courses approved by the Illinois Articulation Initiative which are fully transferable to four-year colleges and universities.

  • Natural, Physical, Life, & Social Sciences
  • Fine Arts & Humanities
  • Health & Personal Development
  • Communications, Mathematics
  • Core Values & Leadership


Community Education courses serve the lifelong learning needs of the local citizenry for personal and professional growth. Offerings enhance student skills and enrich their lives.

  • Computer College I & II
  • How to Buy & Sell on eBay
  • Internet & Email
  • Intro. Microsoft Word, Excel, & Powerpoint
  • Digital Photography
  • Online Ed2Go
  • Kids in College at Kaskaskia (KICK) Program
  • Social Networking
  • Microsoft Publisher


The Business and Industry Services Department offers many specialized courses and programs that respond directly to workforce needs. Customized training is available to meet the specific requirements of individual employers.

  • Introduction to Customer Service
  • Customer Service & Etiquette
  • Introduction to Work Place Ethics
  • Leadership Training
  • Management & Supervisory Training
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Customized Training for Professionals
  • Face-to-face workshops for various professions
  • Geospatial Technology
  • Online continuing education opportunities
  • Safeland USA Certification


Kaskaskia College’s Small Business Development Center works closely with existing businesses and with entrepreneurs wishing to start a new business, offering a wide range of services that help to ensure success.

  • Small Business Development Workshops
  • One-On-One Consultation and Assistance


Through its Adult Education and Literacy Department, KC offers opportunities for citizens to build a strong foundation in basic skills that contributes to their success in higher education, in their career, and in life.

  • HEC Program
  • Reading Link Training/Tutoring

Nashville Center Steering Committee

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Nashville Education Center Campaign Chairs
Campaign Co-Chair Brian Heckert, Nashville
Shelia Burcham, Nashville
Honorary Campaign Co-Chair Ray Kolweier, Mayor of Nashville
David Jasper, Mayor of Okawville
Campaign Vice Chair Nancy Kinsey - KC Vice President of Administrative Services


Steering Committee Teams
Campaign Manager Suzanne Christ - KC Coordinator of Institutional Advancement Programs
Campaign Recorder Donna Matanane - Administrative Support Specialist to the Office of the President
Governmental Team Gary Suedmeyer
Service Clubs Team Will Summers
Education Team Kevin Rench
Alumni Team Craig Finke
Marketing Team Travis Henson - KC Director of Marketing
Retiree's Team Ron Brown
Publicity Team Cathy Karrick - KC Director of Public Information
Events Team Ruth Barczewski - Director of KC Nashville Education Center
Healthcare Team Cynthia Auld
Grants Team Mike Loomis - KC Grants Facilitator
Individual Giving Team Brad Barkau
Retail Business Team Karen Droste
Industrial Team Janmarie Kent
Finance Team Nancy Kinsey - KC Vice President of Administrative Services
Program Planning Team Kellie Henegar - KC Dean of Arts & Science
Technology Team Gina Schuetz - KC Director of Information Technology
Administrative Liasons: Bill Hawley - Chair, KC Board of Trustees
Dr. Jim Underwood - President, Kaskaskia College

Kaskaskia College Board of Trustees
John W. Hawley - Chairman
Linda Stover - Vice Chairman
Jack Mays - Secretary
Jim Beasley
Dr. Dee Boswell
Kelly Bennett
Bryan Holthaus
Karlie Nattier - Student Trustee