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Beginning in the fall 2014 semester, Kaskaskia College will no longer be offering the Direct Loan Program through the Department of Education. Student Loans will be offered through two different preferred lenders, Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo. The interest rates, repayment options, and terms may vary depending on which lender the student chooses to use.  Students may also need to provide a credit worthy co-signer in order to qualify for a student loan or to receive a lower interest rate through one of these preferred lenders.


1.      Steps before applying for a Student Loan

a.      Fill out FAFSA


b.      Complete additional paperwork with the FA Office (optional)

2.      Steps to apply for an Outside Loan

a.      Choose a lender

                                                              i.      Wells Fargo


                                                            ii.      Sallie Mae


b.      If you are a first-time borrower with Kaskaskia College, you will need to attend a First-Time Loan seminar after being approved for a student loan

                                                              i.       View Loan Seminar Dates & Times 

c.       Follow up with Financial Aid Office to make sure Loan was certified

                                                              i.      618-545-3080

3.      Steps after you’ve graduated, withdrawn, or dropped below 6 credit hours if you have previously had a Direct Loan through the Department of Education

a.      Attend an Exit Counseling Seminar

                                                              i.      Click here for Dates and Times (dates will be scheduled by mid fall)

b.      Complete Online Exit Counseling


4.      Important Dates and Deadlines

a.      Fall 2014 Transfer Dates and Deadlines

                                                              i.      1st Transfer – Tuesday, September 16th

a)      Deadline for 1st transfer – Monday, September 15th

                                                            ii.      2nd Transfer – Tuesday, November 4th

a)      Deadline for 2nd transfer – Monday, November 3rd

b.      Spring 2015

                                                              i.      1st Transfer – Monday, February 10th

a)      Deadline for 1st transfer – Friday, February 7th

                                                            ii.      2nd Transfer – Monday, April 7th

a)      Deadline for 2nd transfer – Friday, April 4th

c.       Summer 2015

                                                              i.      1st Transfer – Monday, July 7th

a)      Deadline for 1st transfer – Friday, July 4th

View Loan Seminar Dates
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