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PLACEMENT REQUIREMENTS:  Math 134 College Algebra or concurrent registration.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course considers the trigonometric functions; the use of tables; logarithmic solution of equations, radian measure, identities, laws of sines, cosines, and tangents; inverse functions; graphs, and oblique triangles.

TEXTBOOKTrigonometry, by Sullivan (6th Edition)

EVALUATION: Five 50-minute exams will be given during the semester. 100 pts. each.

                         Test 1   Chapter 2 (Sections 2.1 - 2.3)  Trigonometric Functions
                         Test 2   Chapter 2 (Sections 2.4 - 2.6) Graphs of Trig Functions
              Chapter 3 (Sections 3.1 - 3.2) Inverse Trig Functions
                         Test 3   Chapter 3 (Sections 3.3 - 3.8) Trig Identities  and Trig Equations
Test 4   Chapter 4 Applications of Trigonometric Functions
Test 5   Chapter 5 Polar Coordinates; Vectors

Homework and announced/unannounced quizzes 100 pts.

The lowest exam score may be dropped

Thus, TOTAL POINTS FOR THE CLASS would be 500 pts.

Grades will be assigned as follows:

450 500 A, 400 449 B, 350 399 C, 300 349 D, below 300 F

CHEATING POLICY: If caught cheating in any way, the student will receive an F for the final grade.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: To be successful in a math course, attendance would be very important, almost critical. If more than two weeks of classes are missed without a valid excuse ( death in family, hospitalization, nuclear blast, etc.) I reserve the right to withdraw you from class with an F. If you know in advance that you cannot attend class on a certain day, you may possibly get my prior approval. There are no make-up exams or quizzes. If you come to class late, you will not receive extra time for exams or quizzes.  You must take the final exam (test 5) to have your lowest test score dropped.



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Convert between degrees, minutes, seconds and decimal forms for angles
  2. Find the arc length of a circle
  3. Convert an angle from degrees to radians and visa versa
  4. Find the linear speed of an object traveling in circular motion
  5. Find the exact value of trigonometric functions of special angles
  6. Find the exact value of trigonometric functions utilizing fundamental identities
  7. Graph the transformations of the six trigonometric functions
  8. Establish trigonometric identities using the six key trig identities
  9. Find the exact value of an inverse trigonometric function
  10. Solve trigonometric equations
  11. Solve right triangles for missing parts using trigonometry
  12. Solve oblique triangles for missing parts by using the Law of Sines or the Law of Cosines
  13. Find the area of a triangle using trigonometry
  14. Find the equation for an object in simple harmonic motion
  15. Graph and identify polar equations by converting to Rectangular equations
  16. Convert a complex number from Rectangular form to Polar form
  17. Use De Moivre's Theorem to find roots of complex numbers
  18. Graph vectors and find their dot product