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OFFICE PHONE: 545-3359

PLACEMENT REQUIREMENTS:  Math 102 or ACT Math Score of 21-22, or KC Asset Exam Score of 41-55 on Elem. Algebra. Test

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course considers an introduction to the real number system, linear equations, and equalities, systems of equations, polynomials, fractional equations and expressions, exponents, roots and powers, quadratic equations, and functions.

TEXTBOOK: Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, by Kaufmann (3rd edition, 1998)

EVALUATION: Five 50-minute exams will be given during the semester. 100 pts. Each.

                            Test 1  Chapter 7 Factoring and Chapter 8 Review
                            Test 2  Chapter 9  Rational Expressions
                            Test 3  Chapter 10  Exponents and Radicals
                            Test 4  Chapter 11  Quadratic Equations and Functions
                            Test 5  Chapter 12 Coordinate Geometry
                                        Chapter 13 Functions

Homework and announced/unannounced quizzes 100 pts.

The lowest exam score may be dropped

Thus, TOTAL POINTS FOR THE CLASS would be 500 pts.

Grades will be assigned as follows:

450 500 A, 400 449 B, 350 399 C, 300 349 D, below 300 F

The following web sites will be extremely helpful with fractions, decimals, ratios, percents,   I highly recommend you visit and try these sites out.  If you do not have a computer at home you can access these sites at our campus library or any public library.

CHEATING POLICY: If caught cheating in any way, the student will receive an F for the final grade.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: To be successful in a math course, attendance would be very important, almost critical. If more than two weeks of classes are missed without a valid excuse ( death in family, hospitalization, nuclear blast, etc.) I reserve the right to withdraw you from class with an F. If you know in advance that you cannot attend class on a certain day, you may possibly get my prior approval. There are no make-up exams or quizzes. If you come to class late, you will not receive extra time for exams or quizzes.You must take the Final Exam (test 5) to have your lowest test score dropped.



XII.             Math 107 Intermediate Algebra Outcomes

After successful completion of Math 107 a student should be able to perform the following at a 70% success rate. (C or better)

1.      Know the properties of rational numbers and be able to perform the basic operations with rational numbers including exponents.

2.      Perform the basic operations on rational expressions, simplify complex fractions, and solve rational equations and inequalities.

3.      Simplify and evaluate expressions involving rational expressions and manipulate complex fractions.

4.      Find the linear equation given proper information about the graph of the line.

5.      Solve quadratic equations by completing the square and the quadratic formula; also they should be able to solve quadratic inequalities by graphing.

6.      Understand the basic concepts and operations of functions.

7.      Recognize, manipulate, and graph the basic conic sections (parabola, circle, ellipse, and hyperbola).

8.   Have a basic understanding of simple exponential and logarithmic functions.