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Accounting Classes
2013 Summer 
MAIN - Main Campus

Course #Title
AGRC-125 Field Crop Scouting
BIOL-101 Biology
BIOL-121 Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL-122 Anatomy & Physiology
BSC-9054 Geospatial Farming Workshop
BUSN-151 Entrepreneurship
BUSN-198 Lunch Seminar Series
BUSN-198 iStrategy Training
BUSN-201 Business Communications
CHEM-111 Chemistry I (Inorganic Chem)
CHEM-112 Chemistry II (Phys & Analyt)
CHEM-208 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM-209 Organic Chemistry II
CITA-110 Intro to Word Processing
CITA-246 Intro to Quark Xpress
CITG-185 Intro Comp Operating Systems
CITN-114 Computer System Forensics
COSM-104 Cosmetology Career Planning
COSM-117 Beauty Culture Lab. III
COSM-122A Beauty Culture Theory II
COSM-123 Salon Management and Marketing
COSM-130 Beauty Culture Lab V
COSM-132 Beauty Culture Theory III
DFTG-122 CAD-Theory and Practice I
DFTG-126 CAD Theory
DFTG-129 Blueprint Reading MacH Trades
DFTG-137 CAD 3 Dimensional
DFTG-143 Mechanical Drafting II-CAD
DFTG-144 Mechanical Drafting III-CAD
DFTG-172 Electrical Drafting-CAD
DFTG-202 Inventor
DFTG-232 Civil Draft-CAD
DGMS-229 Introduction to Vascular Tech
ENGL-099 Writing Eff Sentence Paragraph
ENGL-101 English Composition
ENGL-102 English Composition
HLTH-128 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
KNSO-5601 KC New Student Orientation
MATH-101 Basic Mathematics
MATH-102 Elementary Algebra
MATH-103 Elementary Plane Geometry
MATH-107 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-130 Intro to Contemporary Math
MATH-134 College Algebra
MATH-135 Trigonometry
MATH-170 Math for Elementary Teachers I
MUSC-101 Intro to Music in America
MUSC-145 Applied Music: Private Piano
MUSC-165 Applied Music: Private Voice
NAST-160 Nurse Assistant
NLTC-140 Nail Technology Theory II
NLTC-141 Nail Technology Lab II
NLTC-150 Nail Technology Theory III
NLTC-151 Nail Technology Lab III
NLTC-152 Career Exploration
NURS-107 Dosage Calculations
OFTC-110 Keyboarding I
OFTC-110A Keyboarding IA
OFTC-110B Keyboarding IB
OFTC-110C Keyboarding IC
OFTC-111 Keyboarding II
OFTC-115 Machine Dictation/Transcriptio
OFTC-171 Office Machine For Accountant
OFTC-172 Data Entry
OFTC-212 Keyboarding III
OFTC-262 Legal Term & Transcription
OFTC-284 Legal Office Procedures
PARM-110 Emergency Medical Technician
PARM-111 Basic Life Support
PHED-101 Physical Fitness
PHED-102 Physical Fitness
PHED-112 Recreation & Phys Activity
PHED-117 Jogging
PHED-128 Basic Weight Training
PHED-133 Intermediate Weight Training
PHED-214 Advanced Weight Training
PHED-236 Fitness Center Participation
PHLE-119 Core Values/Ethical Decision
PHYS-201 University Physics I
POLS-101 Political Science
PRNU-131 Nursing Care of Women
PRNU-161 Personal & Vocatnl Relations
PRNU-165 Geriatric Nursing
PSCI-120 General Physical Science
PSYH-101 Psychology
PTAS-253 Clinical Seminar I
READ-088 Fund of Reading
RESP-209 Respiratory Procedures IV
SPCH-103 Fundamentals of Speech
TECM-119 Technical Mathematics
UNIV-100 ACT Testing Sandra Neabuhr
UNIV-100 GED Testing
UNIV-100 Lisa Krenz
UNIV-100 Nursing Orientation-J. Kellerm
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Kim Storm
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Lisa
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Lisa Motch
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Parm
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Tim
UNIV-100 Rm FOR W Watkins
UNIV-100 Rm FOR Wendy Blythe
UNIV-100 Tim March
UNIV-110 Greenville COR 403
UNIV-110 Greenville MAT EDU 511
UNIV-110 Greenville MAT EDU 514
UNIV-110 Greenville MAT EDU 518
UNIV-200 McKendree Nursing NSG 345
UNIV-900 Ase Certification Testing
UNIV-900 CNA state test
UNIV-900 FAFSA Friday
UNIV-900 Fafsa Completion Workshop
UNIV-900 First Time Borrower Loan Sem.
UNIV-900 Trio Student Orientation
UNIV-900 Youth Summit
VOCS-125 Customer Service
VOCS-170 Teach/Learn in College Clsrm
VOLT-101 Volunteerism
XRAY-230 Breast Anat./Pos./Patient Care
XRAY-231 Breast Path/Breast Cancer Det.
XRAY-232 Breast Pos.tech/Interventional
XRAY-233 Mammographic Equip.& Technique
XRAY-234 Mammographic Quality Improve

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