One must learn by doing things;                                                                      Attitude: One of life’s choices.

For though you think you know it,                                                                                                  - Bob Harris

You have no certainty until you try.

- Sophocles


Fall 2006 Semester BIOL 101

Instructor: Brian Cambron.  Phone: 545-3304.  Office: AD-117.  E-mail:


Text: Biology: Concepts and Connections, 3rd ed.; Campbell; Addison Wesley.  1997.

3 lecture hours; 2 lab hours


Grading Scale:                                     90 – 100                  A

                                                                80 – 89                    B

                                                                70 – 79                    C

                                                                60 – 69                    D

                                                                Below 60                F


Grades will consist of:

                Exams: There will be seven semester exams in this course, each one covering a section of the outline.  Each exam will be worth 100 points and not comprehensive.  (i.e. no comprehensive final).  If you cannot make it to an exam, then you must notify me 24 hours before, or 48 hours after, the test date.  There are no make-up exams.  A form of make-up for the missed points may be available if you missed an exam under extenuating circumstances.  All exams are 50 multiple-choice questions, 2 points each.


                Tentative Exam Dates: Exams will be spaced approximately every two weeks.  The exam schedule is tentative; it may fluctuate due to changing circumstances and how the class fairs overall.  Exam dates will be announced in class.


Total points = 700.


                Research Paper: During the semester you will turn in a 4-5-page paper on any biology topic I approve for 50 points.  This is a research paper so it should have a list of references.  The topic may be any that interests or appeals to you.  If you cannot find a topic, I will choose one for you.  More will be discussed about this paper later when I give you a handout on it.  Minimum date to turn in a topic choice: October 13.  All papers must be turned in by December 1.

                Laboratory Quizzes and Assignments: There will be a number of labs in this course.  There is no lab manual, all labs are locally prepared and will be accompanied by handouts.  For each lab you will have a 10-point quiz over it on the following lab day.  A list of lab topics will be provided.  Lab work and quizzes cannot be made up, so don’t miss any labs.  Assignments are homework and vary in points from 25 to 30.  Total points for lab quizzes and homework is 150.


Total points = 200.


Point break down:

                700 points from lecture

                200 points from lab _________

                Total:                       900 points

Grades will be based on total point accumulation.  Grades cannot be given over the phone!



                All students are expected to attend class.  Attendance is not mandatory, however I will take attendance every class period.  If you attend class everyday and have a good attendance record, it could help your grade.  If you miss class periods regularly, I may have you withdrawn from the class.  All work must be handed in on time or 10% will be deducted for each calendar day the item is late.