GED® Scholarship

GED® graduates of Kaskaskia College’s Adult Education Programs are given the opportunity to continue their education at Kaskaskia College through the availability of a scholarship and other financial aid resources.

Those graduates determined eligible for the scholarship are offered free tuition only for 48 credit hours of coursework offered through Kaskaskia College’s programs of study. The scholarship does not pay for tuition associated with other colleges through joint agreements and/or partnerships.

The qualifications, eligibility criteria, and guidelines associated with awarding of the scholarship are as follows:


  • Have been enrolled in a KC Adult Education GED® class and have passed the GED® Tests within the past five years.  (Current minimum requirement is 40 hours of GED class seat time during enrollment).
  • Meet the residency requirements of Kaskaskia College


  • Submit a completed GED® scholarship application and a copy GED® results to the Academic and Transitional Advisor within five years of obtaining GED® Credentials
  • Participate in a GED® commencement exercise offered by Kaskaskia College’s Adult Education and Literacy Department prior to or within six months of post-secondary enrollment at Kaskaskia College
  • Complete and submit the FAFSA application online at
  • Take the COMPASS Test. This placement test is offered to potential students through Kaskaskia College’s Success Center and at our Education Centers
  • Schedule a meeting to register for classes with the Academic and Transitional Advisor
  • Enroll in the GED® transitional course offered by Kaskaskia College


  1. Attended a KC review class with at least:
    • 45 hours of seat time prior to taking the GED test(hours may include AEL tutoring)
    • 21 hours of seat time prior to taking the GED test (before August 2011)
  2. Passed the GED test within the KC district within one year after having completed the KC review classes
  3. Submitted GED test scores (passed the GED test within the past 5 years)For GED test scores contact:
    • The Adult Education Center 618-545-3115 or the Regional Office of Education in your county
  4. Participated in GED graduation ceremony within one year of passing GED test
    • Graduation ceremony contact: Traci Kapp 618-545-3115
  5. Completed COMPASS test prior to registering for classes
    • COMPASS test contact: the Success Center 618-545-3160
    • Provide a copy of COMPASS test results
  6. Registered for and completed the New Student Orientation (NSO)
  7. Registered for GUID 109
  8. Provide FAFSA application confirmation sheet
  9. Provide government issued photo ID
  10. Provide proof of residency in the KC district(piece of mail with name and current address)
Scholarship Guidelines:

  • Students MUST contact the Transitional/Academic Advisor, Sandra Neabuhr, to apply for the GED Scholarship. It is NOT automatically awarded.
  • After registering for classes each semester, scholarship recipients MUST submit a copy of his/her class schedule to the Transitional/Academic Advisor to authorize payment through the GED Scholarship Award.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours and are encouraged to enroll in a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester. Any semester hours above the suggested 12 credit hours must be approved by the Transitional/Academic Advisor.
  • GED Scholarship recipients must maintain an average of a 2.0 GPA or better to continue eligibility for future semesters.
  • Completion of classes is required to retain eligibility for future semesters. If it becomes necessary to drop a class, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the appropriate paperwork by the semester drop deadline to avoid termination of the scholarship. If the student drops the class during the time period of 100% tuition refund for the scholarship, the drop will not affect continuing eligibility. However, one (1) withdrawal after that time period will put the scholarship recipient on probation and two (2) withdrawals will result in termination of future scholarship eligibility.
  • Scholarship recipients must attend consecutive fall and spring semesters. Enrolling in summer semesters is optional.
  • Only one online class per semester will be allowed for GED Scholarship recipients after successfully completing their first semester with a 3.0 GPA. Recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA to continue eligibility for one online class per semester.
  • Books, course fees, and online fees are the student’s responsibility and are not authorized for payment through the GED Scholarship.
  • The GED Scholarship offers free tuition and student technical fees for 48 credit hours of coursework offered through Kaskaskia College.

For more information about the GED® Scholarship, contact the Academic and Transitional Advisor at (618)545-3060

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