Kaskaskia College Alert System

KC Alert
The intent of this service is to notify students, staff, and faculty by email or text message on their cell phone, of campus closures for weather and/or other emergencies.

This is an opt-in service provided by Kaskaskia College.

While there is no direct cost for signing up for this service, you may be charged a text message fee by your cell phone provider. Please check your cell phone plan to understand the costs you may incur using this service.

All users who sign up for this service will receive announcements regarding campus closures for weather, and other emergencies, test messages to validate the service is working, and notification when your account is about to expire.

You may be able to opt-in to groups to be alerted when specific instructors have cancelled class and/or club announcements.

All accounts will expire after August 1st.

KC Alerts has been moved to myKC

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