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2015 State SkillsUSA

  • KaAlex Woolridge, Farina, Automotive Refinishing -8th place
  • Corey Manning, Sorento, Auto service Technology -4th place
  • Trey Wuebbles, Carlyle, Carpentry -1st place
  • Stephen Raisley, Iuka, Computer Maintenance-Information Technology Services -1st place
  • Brie Maier, Beckemeyer, Cosmetology -1st place ; Jordan Hempen, Carlyle, Criminal Justice -1st place
  • Cassidy Ritter, Centralia, Criminal Justice -2nd place
  • Kassandra Ingersoll, Centralia, Culinary Arts -1st place
  • Kathleen Brewer, Salem, Culinary Arts -2nd place
  • Joey Snow, Mulberry Grove, Internetworking -1st place
  • Jake Timmermann, Breese, Internetworking -2nd place
  • Briana Knackstedt, Alhambra, and Kayla Brown, Greenville, Nail Care Team -1st place ; Brandi Isaak, Patoka, and Keplyn Pierce, Texico, Nail Care Team -2nd place
  • Paige Anderson, Carlyle, Technical Computer Application -1st place
  • Mara Loeb, Centralia, and Rebecca Suydam, Carlyle, Web Design Team -4th place
  • Quin Seitz, Greenville, Welding -1st place
  • Kyle Adams, Patoka, Welding -5th place .

2014 National SkillsUSA
  • Chris Bieber, Sorento, Automotive Service Technology, 3rd place (bronze)
  • Logan Straeter, Breeze, Automotive Service Technology, 9th place
  • Matt Holthaus, Centralia, Carpentry, 1st place (gold)
  • De’Andre Downey, Centralia, Carpentry, 2nd place (silver)
  • Steven Tooley, Okawville, Computer Maintenance Technology, 1st place (gold)
  • Curtis Mollett, Keysport, Computer Maintenance Technology, 2nd place (silver)
  • Natalie Bergkoetter, Addieville, Cosmetology, 1st place (gold)
  • Michaela Blackburn, Highland, Cosmetology Model, 1st place (gold)
  • Jessica Kruep, Sandoval, Cosmetology, 2nd place (silver)
  • Chelsea Kohrmann, Bartelso, Cosmetology Model, 2nd place (silver)
  • Katherine Williams, Nashville, Criminal Justice, 1st place (gold)
  • Andrew Blandford, Salem, Criminal Justice, 2nd place (silver)
  • Kathleen Brewer, Salem, Culinary Arts, 1st place (gold)
  • Blake Waterson, Alma, Internetworking, 2nd place (silver)
  • Samantha McGee, Carlyle, Nail Care, 1st place (gold)
  • Mackenzie Miles, Pana, Nail Care Model, 1st place (gold)
  • Curtis DeSherlia, Vandalia, Web Design, 3rd place (bronze)
  • Daniel Krueger, Salem, Web Design, 3rd place (bronze)
  • James Schultz, St. Elmo, Welding, 2nd place (silver)
  • Levi Hester, Salem, Welding, 4th place (recognition)

2012 National SkillsUSA
  • John (JR) Stanton of Greenville, 1st place, gold medal in Collision Repair Technology
  • Megan Jeffers of Steelville and Amara Hartnagel of Pocahontas, earned 2nd place, silver medal in Nail Care,
  • Megan and Amara also earned the Skill Point certificate recognizing the value of SkillsUSA Work Force Ready System
  • Derek Lercher of Trenton earned 4th place in Criminal Justice
  • James Toth of Carlyle, earned 6th place in Internetworking
  • Kenneth Michael of Salem, earned recognition in Computer Maintenance Technology,
  • Anna Forth of Xenia, earned recognition in Cosmetology
  • Anna also earned the Skill Point certificate recognizing the value of SkillsUSA Work Force Ready System
  • Chris Kreke of Germantown, earned recognition in Carpentry
  • Chris also earned the Skill Point certificate recognizing the value of SkillsUSA Work Force Ready System

2010 SkillsUSA State Competition

Please join me in congratulating the KC students who participated in the SkillsUSA State Competition held in Springfield, Illinois, Apr 14 – 16. Our five first place winners were selected to attend the SkillsUSA National Competition in Kansas City, Missouri, at the end of June. KC participants are listed here with their event and the award received:

1st Place
  • Alex Boozer – Computer Maintenance Technology
  • John Stanton – Collision Repair Technology
  • Leamber Broady – Nail Care
  • Tyler Rose – Criminal Justice
  • Chris Kreke – Carpentry
2nd Place
  • Cameron Ward – Criminal Justice
  • Clint Campbell - Carpentry
  • Lacy Sallee – Cosmetology
  • Eric Galindo – Computer Maintenance Technology
  • Fran Jenkins – Technical Computer Applications
Other Participants
  • Mike Estes – Welding
  • Rodney Randant – Welding
  • Chris Garbett – Automotive Technology
  • Jeff Case – Automotive Technology
  • Scott Caudill - Culinary Arts
We'd also like to acknowledge the students who served as models for our Cosmetology and Nail Care contestants; thanks for your help.
  • Jeri Kaye Turner – Nail Care Model
  • Alyssa Wilson – Cosmetology; Model
Many thanks also to the instructors who assisted their students and/or attended the competition:
  • Angenien Huffstutler – Computer Information Technology
  • Ken Ingersoll – Criminal Justice
  • Danny Mays – Collision Repair Technology
  • Kelli Malone – Nail Care
  • Chuck DeBernardi – Automotive Repair Technology
  • Chris Browne – Cosmetology
  • Clark Griffin – Culinary Arts

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry representatives; working together to ensure America has a skilled work force. At the competition, students were required to complete rigorous testing and practical application of job skills required in their individual disciplines.

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